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Anne Smith

Contact Information
Email: asmith@purdue.edu
Phone: (765) 494-7743
Fax: (765) 494-077 1
Distinguished Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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Ph.D. University of Iowa 1978

Research Interests

Neurophysiology of speech production; Stuttering; Speech motor disorders; Development and Aging: Effects on speech production processes; Language and Motor Interactions

Teaching Interests

Neuroscience of speech/language processes; Fluency Disorders; Scientific/Grant Writing; Speech Physiology


National Institutes of Health - 1988-2013

Selected Publications

Smith, A. (2010). Development of Neural Control of Orofacial Movements for Speech. In Handbook of Phonetic Sciences, 2nd Ed. W. Hardcastle and J. Laver (Eds). Oxford: Blackwell.

Sadagopan, N. & Smith, A. (2008). Effects of utterance length and complexity on speech motor performance: A large-scale developmental study. Journal of Speech, Language. and Hearing Research., 51, 1138-1151.

Weber-Fox, C., Spruill, J. E. Ill, Spencer, R., & Smith, A. (2008). Atypical neural functions underlying phonological processing and silent rehearsal in children who stutter. Developmental Science, 11, 321 -337.

Kleinow, J. & Smith, A. (2006). Potential interactions among, linguistic, autonomic, and motor factors in speech. Developmental Psychobiology, 48, 275-287.

Smith, A. (2006). Speech motor development: Integrating muscles, movements, and linguistic units. Communicative Disorders, 39, 331-349.

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