AfterClass Experience

Purdue University AfterClass Experience

What is The AfterClass Experience?

The AfterClass Experience is a bold advancement of student co-curricular involvement opportunities designed to guide the intellectual and personal growth of undergraduate students.  We are planning to launch AfterClass for the fall, 2014 semester.

AfterClass is a variety of programs, activities, events and experiences designed to educate the whole undergraduate student regardless of their major or career path. These experiences will encourage students to become engaged in campus life and assist students in feeling more connected to the University and their peers.  Through participation in these experiences, students will become well-rounded and be more fully prepared for graduation and entry in to the job market, or into graduate or professional school.

AfterClass is based on 10 domains of knowledge:

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Interpersonal skills badge2 with text
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Leadership badge2 with text
Respoonsibility badge2 with text
Wellness badge2 with text





Events and Experiences

The ten knowledge domains are designed to complement the embedded learning outcomes present in the Purdue Core-curriculum.  In order to complete the full requirements of the domain, each student will be able to select a series of available activities or programs.  A number of these activities and programs may be considered as being able to meet the Purdue Core Curriculum requirements, and through the use of BoilerLink allow students to track their progress in meeting these requirements at any point along the way.

The Co-Curricular Transcript

Self-reported experiences will be tracked through BoilerLink and based on your selection can become part of an official Co-Curricular transcript.  This transcript will be very beneficial to students as it can be used in interviews for internships, admission to graduate school, and interviews for full time employment. Employers are especially interested in what kinds of experiences students have had in developing leadership, decision-making, acceptance of responsibility and appreciation of diverse ideas, backgrounds, and lifestyles.  These can now be documented as part of a co-curricular transcript that you can have attached to your official academic transcript. You can select the experiences you want to have attached to an academic transcript, so you don’t have to include those that aren’t applicable.

 Download the AfterClass flyer

Resources for AfterClass program administrators