Purdue Musical Organizations

Purdue Varsity Glee Club

With integrity, passion, unparalleled showmanship and attention to every detail, the men of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club have proudly served as ambassadors of the university with honor and dignity for more than 115 years. Embodying the spirit of service above self, the men of the Glee Club represent different backgrounds and hometowns across the country, consistently maintaining a high level of academic excellence. The opportunities for musical and personal growth are endless.


Celebrating music of all genres with a vast repertoire including pop, classical, contemporary, country, swing, patriotic, Broadway, gospel and jazz, the women of the Purduettes are known for an ever-polished and professional look and style. Maintaining a high level of academic achievement, the women of the Purduettes pursue excellence on and off the stage, employing a leadership honorary and a mentor program to help further the development and lives of each individual.

Purdue Bells

As the only instrumental ensemble in Purdue Musical Organizations, the men and women of the Purdue Bells blend traditional handbell ringing with innovative techniques to play styles from classical to jazz. Formed in 1979, the Purdue Bells also includes specialty groups ranging from the Four-In-Hand quartet and the Off the Table quartet to the Shaker Chime Ensemble. Featured performances for the Indiana Music Educators Association Conference, corporate, business and religious functions, and Purdue events across the campus and beyond provide a wide variety of opportunities to share this one-of-a-kind experience at the highest level.

University Choir

Offering a unique look and sound, the Purdue University Choir proudly continues the already-established tradition of musical excellence with style and flair. From its humble beginnings in 1933, the Purdue University Choir once encompassed all voices from every ensemble at PMO, as many as 500-strong. Eventually becoming exclusive to its own membership, this mixed-voice large ensemble features traditional sacred and secular choral works and concert choir repertoire, while also offering a unique mix of jazz, pop, country, novelty, and patriotic selections.

All Campus & Community Chorale

Combining the voices and talents of men and women across the Purdue campus and the Greater Lafayette community, the All Campus & Community Chorale opens the door for individuals to participate in a collegiate level choral experience with a small time commitment and the opportunity for potential participation in the Purdue Christmas Show. Rehearsing one night a week, this non-auditioned ensemble performs an array of musical styles from classical to show tunes, also featuring opportunities for featured soloists and small groups.

Heart & Soul

Celebrating inspirational sounds ranging from gospel to R&B and pop to patriotic, this mixed-voice ensemble shares a multicultural musical journey that is enjoyed by audiences from all walks of life. Employing a 5-7 piece instrumental ensemble and representing a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, the members of Heart & Soul continue to operate under a moderate commitment level with shows throughout the year and potential participation in the Purdue Christmas Show.

PMO Specialties

Auditioned and carefully selected from the already-existing rosters of the Purdue Varsity Glee Club, Purduettes, Purdue Bells, University Choir and Heart & Soul, the men and women of PMO Specialties dedicate additional time and energy to provide a variety of musical styles for even the most intimate of events and performance venues. Featuring male and female vocal soloists, trios, quartets, quintets, and unique small groups from the Purdue Bells, these talented students afford audiences the same outstanding quality of diverse entertainment on a smaller scale.

PMO Kids Choir

What Christmas would be complete without children, and what Purdue Christmas Show could be complete without the PMO Kids Choir? These kids are an integral part of the Christmas Show in many ways. Not only do their angelic voices add to the show, the expressions and actions they provide have brought joy and laughter to thousands of audience members.