Form a New Student Organization

Student Activities and Organizations (SAO)

Forming a New Club

A few benefits of being a recognized student organization…

  • Use of Purdue facilities
  • Fund-raising on campus
  • Webspace and email accounts
  • Having a financial account through BOSO
  • And much more!

SAO strongly suggests if you are interested in forming a new student organization, that you attend a new organization meeting. Contact our office for times/dates: 765.494.1231 or

How to Form a New Organzation

A group of Purdue students may become a student organization upon formal recognition by the Student Activities and Organizations area of the Office of the Dean of Students. Recognition includes the use of available University facilities. Such recognition done through the following process:

1. Find a group of interested students and an advisor.
Each group must at least have two members: one who will serve as the President and the other to serve as the Treasurer. Every organization must have a faculty/staff advisor. (See Campus Link to Advisors Handbook for more information)
2. Write a Constitution — How do I write a constitution?
The constitution outline contains several items that must appear in each student organization constitution, according to Purdue University policy. They are in bold print. You may wish to include additional points that will provide more explicit guidelines for the organization of your group. Please remember that a well-written constitution should contain all necessary information in concise language. A reference for further assistance is Robert’s Rules of Order. Constitution revisions can be made at any time, but they must be submitted to the SAO Office for approval before they can be considered official.
3. File to start a new organization or to report officer changes.
For New Organizations to be created, go to, log in and then go to the Organization tab. On the left side menu, click on “Register a New Organization” button. Follow directions to submit a new organization and this will be reviewed and responded to online. Allow 2 weeks for review and recognition. An organization registration must be filed within 3 weeks of any officer or advisor changes. This registration is filed at least 1 time per semester, by every organization to maintain their active status. This is filed by logging in, going to the Organization tab, searching out the organizations name, and using the Registration button below the organization’s name.
4. Establish a financial account.
Financial accounts are established with the Business Office for Student Organizations (BOSO). This is only done AFTER you receive an email notification that your organization is now recognized. From the BOSO site you can then access and train on how to use the COOL online financial system.