B-Involved: Leadership, Civic Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Student Organizations, Sororities, Fraternities, Co-op Life

Student Activities and Organizations

The Student Activities and Organizations (SAO) office manages B-Involved. Their goal is to provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership and engage in experiences that address individual and community needs that include understanding of self and others, acceptance of responsibilities inherent in community membership, and appreciation of diverse ideas, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

Clubs and Organizations

Purdue SAO offers students nearly 1,000 organizations and clubs to become involved with while you are a student at Purdue University. A full list of current clubs can be seen in the Organizations Directory on the SAO website.

SAO has broken up the list of clubs into the following categories:

Athletic and Recreation Military
Automotive/Flight Music
Club Sports Other
College/School and Department Political and Social Action
Committee/Sub-Group Radio
Community Service Religious
Cooperative Houses Residence Hall Clubs
Dance Sorority
Ethnic/Cultural Special Interest
Fraternity Student Organization Awards
Hobby Student Run Publications
Honor Society Umbrella
International/Multicultural University Department
Martial Arts

Fraternity, Sorority, and Cooperative Life

Fraternities and sororities have been a part of Purdue’s campus for almost 120 years.  They have continuously been challenging students to achieve greater heights intellectually, personally, and socially. Our fraternity and sorority community is known to be one of the largest in the nation and strives to maintain a balanced life based on four principles: Friendship, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service.

Cooperative Housing is a house where students live and work together to promote friendship, leadership, and life skills. Cooperative houses have between 14 and 60 members which share responsibilities such as cleaning and preparing meals to maintain a comfortable and affordable living environment. Members of the cooperative houses have between 2 and 4 hours of house duties a week.  There are 12 houses; 7 women, 5 men.

Civic Engagement and Leadership Development

From leadership conferences and classes to community action service days and individual and student organization volunteer referrals, the Civic Engagement & Leadership Development office works hard to provide you with meaningful opportunities to explore who you are and how you fit into the world around you. We believe that leadership development opportunities and community service initiatives can assist EVERY student’s growing leadership abilities and capacities as you seek to create positive social change in local and global communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Purdue values the diversity students bring to campus and is committed to preparing graduates to be global citizens. The Diversity, Inclusion & Involvement area of Student Activities and Organizations aims to advocate, support, and develop leaders who promote diversity and inclusion.