Withdrawal Resource Guide
Below are some things you may wish to consider before withdrawing from the current term:
  • You may still owe fees following your withdrawal, depending on the date of withdrawal and the appropriate refund schedule for your academic program. 
  • Courses will be dropped or graded with W/WF/WN as assigned by the instructor in accordance with the dates of the Office of the Registrar's drop/add deadline calendar. W grades do not carry any GPA value, but they may be considered as an attempted course. Consult with your academic advisor prior to withdrawing with any questions.
  • You may speak with your academic advisor at any time to discuss how this withdrawal may impact future registration and your plan of study.
  • If you are an international student, you are required to connect with the International Students and Scholars immediately after submitting the online request to discuss your withdrawal.
  • Contact the Division of Financial Aid and/or Purdue Promise with any questions about how this withdrawal may affect current or future financial aid.
  • If you live in University Residences, notify your RA or the front office staff that you plan to withdraw and discuss the steps for the check-out process.
  • If you are a student in one of the following programs you should speak with your academic advisor or program coordinator about the withdrawal process, including deadline and refund information: Polytechnic Statewide Locations - Online Management Executive Education (Krannert) - Purdue Online (Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts, Management, Polytechnic, Science, and Vet Nursing). Withdrawals will be initiated after 5 business days unless the Office of the Dean of students is notified otherwise by the student’s program.
  • Grad Staff Appointments and Grad Staff Fellowships – If you are withdrawing within the first six weeks of the semester, you may no longer qualify for the fee remission, and the refund calculation will be based upon the full amount of tuition and fees (including non-resident tuition, if applicable) prior to the remission being applied. Please discuss with the appropriate personnel for more information.
  • If you have an outstanding Emergency Loan, the collection process will begin immediately. You may contact the University Receivables and Collections Office to discuss your repayment options.
  • Registration for any future semester will remain intact unless you cancel those classes via your myPurdue account. You may also email the Registrar’s Office at from your Purdue email account and request to cancel classes for that semester.
  • For information regarding returning to Purdue please visit the Office of Admissions webpage to review the Re-entry Process.
Current Term- Full Withdrawal

A student who wishes to withdraw from all current term classes during any semester or summer session may begin the withdrawal process by completing the following actions:

  1. Log in to myPurdue and perform the following steps: 
  • Select the Registration tab
  • Select “Withdrawal from Current Academic Term" 
  • Complete and submit the form
  1. You have 5 business days to speak with a Student Support Specialist in the Office of the Dean of Students at 765-494-1747 or should you have any questions or change your mind. Failure to contact ODOS will result in your withdrawal being processed 5 days after your submission.

The day that you submit your online withdrawal request, unless otherwise determined by the Office of the Dean of Students, will be considered your effective withdrawal date. The withdrawal action will be considered final upon Dean of Students approval of the withdrawal. You will receive email verification when the process is complete.

Specific withdrawal dates can be found in the Mortar Board calendar and on the Office of the Registrar's website. Please note that grade assignment and refund schedules for academic sessions of shorter duration are proportionate to the length of the session.

Before a student withdraws from the University, it is important to be aware of how that decision may impact financial aid. To learn more about this impact, please consult with the Division of Financial Aid.

Current Term- Partial Withdrawal

Students may drop or withdraw from individual classes through the scheduling assistant in myPurdue according to the schedule created for each term.

After the first day of the term, withdrawal from your only or last class is considered a full withdrawal from the term and students must follow the full withdrawal procedures outlined above.

Special Circumstances Withdrawal After Deadline

Purdue has established deadlines for when students may withdraw from classes. A Special Circumstances Withdrawal may be considered after the deadline if there are extenuating circumstances outside of the student’s control.  For consideration of a full withdrawal after the deadline, contact ODOS at 765-494-1747 to speak with a Student Support Specialist. To request a partial withdrawal after the deadline, contact the Office of the Registrar at 765-494-6165 or

Please note that additional documentation may be required and your withdrawal is not guaranteed.

Purdue Online & Polytechnic Statewide Locations

Students in the following programs must speak to their academic advisor or program coordinator about the withdrawal process:

Polytechnic Statewide Locations
Online Management Executive Education (Krannert)
Purdue Online:
  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health and Human Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
  • Management
  • Polytechnic
  • Science
  • Vet Nursing
Not Enrolling in an Upcoming Semester

At times a student may wish to not enroll in an upcoming term. This can occur when students are planning to transfer from Purdue, sit out one term and return, or otherwise take a break. 

While there is no official process to withdraw from Purdue for a future term, students should consider the following:

Retroactive/Previous Term Withdrawal

Please consult your academic advisor if you feel you have had extenuating circumstances that may warrant submitting an appeal for a retroactive withdrawal through the Office of the Registrar. This process is utilized when the course has ended.