Sexual Violence Awareness and Advocacy

Purdue is committed to providing all community members with a learning and work environment free from sexual assault and harassment. There are resources available if you, or someone you know, have experienced sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, or stalking. Please call call 765-495-CARE anytime to be connected with someone who can help. You can also find additional information by visiting the Sexual Violence Awareness website.

Students who have, or are experiencing sexual assault, relationship violence, or stalking can also seek support from a student support advocate. Male and female advocates are available to assist students in their time of need by helping with the following accommodations:

  • Academic adjustments, including absence notifications, assisting with incompletes, and changing class schedules.
  • Work accommodations.
  • Housing reassignment, including temporary emergency housing changes.
  • Advocacy and support during any University disciplinary investigations, including attendance at meetings.
  • Advocacy and support during any law enforcement investigation, including attendance at meetings.
  • Assistance in obtaining no-contact directives through the University or protective orders through the local court systems.

To learn more about the services offered or to seek assistance, please contact 765-495-CARE.