Professional Development

We want to help you get started as an academic advisor at Purdue with some quick tips that will prepare you and your students for success.

  1. There is a wealth of study about advising theory and practice. Visit our Professional Organizations section for information on advising practice. Utilize "The Mentor" and The Global Community for Academic Advising resources. Make connections and network with other advising professionals and seek the counsel of your department supervisor for help in getting answers to questions.

  2. Be a proactive advisor, take action to make the first contact and motivate your students to seek you out as a partner in their college experience. Research supports the findings that students who do not communicate with their advisors are often the ones who need additional help but may be afraid to ask.

  3. Go over with your students what they can expect from you and what you can expect from them early in the student-advisor partnership.

  4. Take advantage of training and professional development opportunities available for academic advisors. Create and develop your personal advising philosophy.

Jenna Wargo I enjoy getting students connected to campus resources and helping guide students in their educational and personal journey. It is rewarding to see a student find the right opportunities and experiences that fit their personal and professional aspirations.
-Jenna Wargo