Required Credit Hours for Transfer Consideration  

Depending on the quality of previous academic experience, some transfer applicants may need to complete at least 12 or 24 semester credit hours of college-level coursework (not remedial or developmental) before applying to Purdue. Below are guidelines you can use to determine how many credit hours you may need. All other transfer criteria also must be met.

Students who were denied to Purdue as freshman applicants for a previous term

*If admission to the different program is equally or more competitive than the one to which you were denied as a freshman, you also may need 24 credit hours. If you aren't sure, contact the Office of Admissions prior to applying.

Students who have never been denied admission to Purdue

If you have never been denied admission to Purdue, you may apply as a transfer student with as little as 0 completed college credit hours. We will evaluate your application based on your previous academic performance (high school and any completed college courses). If you're enrolled in college at the time you apply, and are admitted, the admission offer will be probationary. Prior to Purdue enrollment, you will need to provide a final transcript, which will be used to confirm you completed the coursework as expected and continue to meet Purdue transfer GPA and course requirements.