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January 11, 2024 | For the campus and community

Reminder: Laboratory information door posting now includes date stamp to aid with potential emergency situations

As a reminder, an updated Laboratory Information Door Posting should be displayed outside all laboratory entrance doors. The updated posting now includes a date stamp in the right-hand corner that indicates the creation date of the laboratory information posting. This update was implemented to ensure that up-to-date contact details are readily available to responders, such as Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), police department, fire department, facilities operations staff and other relevant personnel who may be called upon to address emergency situations.

The laboratory information must also include the contact information, both office and emergency 24/7 contact phone numbers for key individuals, such as principal investigators, laboratory managers or individuals who are knowledgeable in laboratory operations and specific laboratory hazards.  

The names and contact information must be updated when there is a personnel change. Outdated contact information has the potential to cause significant delays and, in some cases, hinder critical communication, especially in emergencies.

Questions about the door posting may be directed to EHS at 765-494-6371 or contact Mita Juristyarini, assistant director of research safety, at