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June 17, 2021 | For Administrative Operations staff

Windows and Dell Command updates scheduled for June 19 and 22

Please review the following message from ITaP about upcoming updates:

CSDS will be pushing Windows updates to computers on June 19. This update will happen during the maintenance time, which is between 2-5:30 a.m. These update files are large. Depending on your home internet speed, it may take a couple of days for this update’s files to download and install.

CSDS will also be pushing Dell Command updates to computers on June 22. This update will also happen between 2-5:30 a.m. Once installed, this update will help to check for new updates and install them if necessary on a weekly basis starting on June 26. It may force you to restart your computer, so please save and close your files and folders.

We strongly recommend making sure you restart your computer and leave it on overnight for the updates to download and install. It will prevent your computer from attempting to download and install during the workday, resulting in a slow computer.

Questions may be directed to ITaP Customer Service at (765) 494-4000 or