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May 9, 2019 | For the campus and community

Sidewalk restrictions north of Elliott Hall of Music

In addition to existing sidewalk and parking restrictions surrounding the STEM Teaching Lab Building construction site, new sidewalk closures will go into effect on Monday (May 13). Pedestrian access will no longer be available between Schleman Hall of Student Services (SCHL), Hovde Hall of Administration (HOVD) and Elliott Hall of Music (ELLT), as depicted in the map below.

Facility access for ELLT, HOVD, SCHL and Johnson Hall of Nursing will be maintained from University Street and the sidewalks north of the construction site or south of ELLT from Third Street.

Pedestrian routes around the STEM Teaching Lab Building construction site

Pedestrians should use caution in the vicinity and obey all construction fence and posted signs.

Questions may be directed to Mark Sammons, project manager, at