Active Learning Resources for Teaching in the Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Active Learning Community of Practice

What is the Active Learning Community of Practice?

Daphene Koch, associate professor in the School of Construction Management and faculty facilitator, introduces the Active Learning Community of Practice (ALCoP) in the video below:

ALCoP Schedule

ALCoP meetings are held once every month in the fall and spring semesters. Click here to see the schedule and register.

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Missed a Community of Practice?

Unfortunately, given the social nature of ALCoP, it is very difficult to record each session. The ALCoP team has created short videos to supplement information shared at sessions where guest speakers lead discussions and offer their tips. Below is a list of these archived videos. Whether you missed a session, or want a refresher, we hope you find the videos below helpful.

Larry Nies (October, 2017) - Learn how he engages learners using different active learning strategies.

Kim Plake (November, 2017) - Learn how she engages learners in classrooms that are not conducive to active learning.

Faculty Panel (January, 2018) - A panel of instructors answer three common questions including how to use different classrooms in WALC, attendance policies, and tips for those teaching in an active learning classroom for the first time.

Bob Herrick (February, 2018)Learn how he uses the "high tech" room in WALC 1121 to engage learners.