Buddy System

The PPDA can get you a "buddy" to get acquainted at Purdue quickly. We bring you (junior postdoc) in contact with a more experienced postdoc (senior postdoc) so that a smooth adaptation to the Purdue environment is made possible. To this end, we aim to match people in terms of native tongue, cultural background and/or discipline so that the senior postdoc may explain things from the same perspective. We would ask a commitment of three months from the senior. After that, junior and senior can decide whether and how they want to stay in touch. We are looking for both new postdocs that would like to have a buddy to get around as well as senior postdocs that want help a new postdoc in the near future.

If interested, reply to ppda@purdue.edu while answering the following questions:

  • Do you want to participate as a junior or senior?
  • When will/did you arrive at Purdue?
  • What is your native tongue?
  • What other languages do you speak?
  • What is your country of origin?
  • Which Purdue department/school do you work at?
  • Email address to be contacted at

Ernest C. Young Hall, Room 170 | 155  S. Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2114 | 765-494-2600

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