Jana Vincent

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Biomedical Sciences

Mentor / Lab:
Dr. Joseph Rispoli, Magnetic Resonance Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Specific Research Area / Project:
MRI Hardware/ Novel Stretchable and Flexible Radiofrequency Coil Design for MRI

Undergraduate Institution:
The University of Texas at Austin

Lab / Personal work-related websites:
Lab Webpage

Research Profile:

Radiofrequency coils are used to receive the NMR signal that is processed into the resulting MR image. A critical issue in current joint imaging coils is rigidity. The rigidity and placement of these coils adversely affects patients suffering from arthritis, similar autoimmune diseases that affect the joints, and those with musculoskeletal injuries. Millions of people suffer from arthritis that attributes to activity limitations. The CDC estimates that 78 million US adults aged 18 and older will be diagnosed with arthritis by 2040. Patients suffering from arthritis, or joint injuries, have difficulty fully extending their joints; thus, there is a need for a flexible and stretchable coil that allows joint imaging at various degrees of flexion for comfort, especially during lengthy MR scan times around half an hour or longer. In addition to comfort, the closer proximity of coil placement to the skin could greatly improve image quality.

These stretchable and flexible coils are not limited to joints and can be utilized for a more custom fit across a variety of body regions. This design could be implemented in a sports bra material for closer skin placement and greater comfort than current, rigid breast coils. While mammography has been the conventional method for breast cancer detection, there are sensitivity decreases for women under the age of 50 and for those with denser breast tissue. This novel coil design has potential utility in better cancer diagnoses for dense breast tissue due to enhanced image quality.

About Me:

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Biomedical engineering is a broad and interdisciplinary field, mirroring the diversity of my undergraduate education, with degrees in Biology, Studio Art, and Italian. The summation of these interest and skills led me to research in medical imaging and its use in preventative and personalized medicine. Much like figure drawing studies, it is crucial to visualize internal structures before assessment and rendition. Advances in medical imaging can provide improvements in diagnostics, as well as therapeutic timelines.

From the interview process and throughout my graduate studies, I have always felt that the professors were invested in my growth and research. This investment and opportunities are what drew me to Purdue. The IBSC program has provided me with an environment that fosters collaboration and creativity within my research. In addition, Purdue has a new on-campus MRI facility, housing two 3T MR scanners, and a 7T Animal scanner in the Bindley Bioscience Center. Having the ability to not only bench test, but scan with novel coils during the development process is instrumental in my research progress.


  • 2018 Certificate of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research
  • 2018 Runner-up in the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering’s Three-Minute Thesis (3MT™) Competition
  • 2017 BMES Student Travel Award
  • 2016 Purdue College of Engineering Scholarship for Graduate Teaching Assistants


  • J. Vincent, J. Rispoli, “Novel Stretchable and Flexible Radiofrequency Coil Design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging,” Purdue University Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Spring Reception, West Lafayette, Indiana, May 2, 2018, P-32.
  • J. Vincent, J. Rispoli, “Novel Stretchable and Flexible Radiofrequency Coil Design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging,” Purdue University BME-IBSc-PI4D Spring Research Symposium, West Lafayette, Indiana, April 6, 2018, #23, P-23.
  • J. Vincent, J. Rispoli, “Novel Stretchable and Flexible Radiofrequency Coil Design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 1.5T,” Proceedings of the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona, October 11-14, 2017, #2533, P-FRI-329.
  • J. Vincent, J. Rispoli, “Stretchable and Flexible Radiofrequency Coils for MRI,” Purdue University Basic Medical Sciences Seminar, April 17, 2017, West Lafayette, Indiana. {Oral Presentation}


  • Professional Development Chair for the Purdue Association for Magnetic Resonance (PAMR)
  • Member of the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Student Association
  • Graduate Student Mentor for the 2017 Purdue Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program
  • Outreach with Imagination Station in Lafayette, Indiana
  • Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Program
  • Jana Vincent

Ernest C. Young Hall, Room 170 | 155  S. Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2114 | 765-494-2600

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