FAQs for Current Fellows

I just won a fellowship. What do I need to do? 

Make sure you keep a copy of your offer letter for your records.  Talk with your Program Office to find out the next steps for your department.  They should help you work with your Business Office to get your funding processed.  Your Business Office uses the information from your offer letter to get your award activated in all the Purdue systems.  It is recommended to notify your Business Office as soon as you have your offer letter to give them time to carry out this process. 

Can I have two fellowships at the same time? 

If you are awarded two separate fellowships, you can only have one actively providing you with funding at a time. One fellowship must be "deferred" or put on "inactive" status while the other one is providing you with funding. Some fellowships do not allow the funding to be deferred, while other fellowships can be deferred for a couple of years. Consult with the Fellowship Office and the funding agency that awarded the fellowships to understand how the deferment process will be carried out for your situation. 

Can I apply for a fellowship while I am receiving money from another fellowship? 

Yes - current fellows are allowed to apply for other fellowship opportunities (and encouraged to do so!) while they are actively receiving funding from a different fellowship. However, no student is allowed to actively receive funding from two fellowships at the same time. If you are awarded a second fellowship, you will need to select which fellowship's funding to use first and which one can be deferred, or otherwise start the new fellowship and end the old fellowship. Keep in mind that it is acceptable to end a former fellowship in order to start receiving money from a new fellowship. Both fellowships can be listed on your CV, and you are still considered a fellow for both fellowships despite only actively receiving funding from one fellowship at a time.   


What are the Purdue Graduate School requirements for fellowship students? 

All Purdue graduate students who are actively receiving fellowship funding are required to meet both the rules of the fellowship and the policies of Purdue's Fellowship Office found in the Fellowship Manual. Fellows should read the terms and conditions of their fellowship to understand the funding agency's rules for what they need to do to remain in good standing. For fellowships that require full-time enrollment, the Fellowship Office requires 8 credit hours in the Fall and Spring semesters and 6 credit hours in the summer for a fellow to be considered a full-time graduate student. Questions about fellowship policies should be emailed to the Fellowship Office so we can help you understand the terms of your award. 

Does my fellowship provide any funding for travel expenses? 

Each fellowship provides different amounts of funding with various rules and regulations set by both Purdue and the funding agency that provides the award. Fellows should read over their award letter and the terms and conditions of the fellowship to understand what funding is provided and for which purpose. 


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