Graduate School Managed Fellowships: Benefits

The benefits that you receive will be guided by your type of appointment.  The benefits for Fiscal Year (FY) appointments are different than Academic Year (AY) appointments.  Benefits for Fellowships Administered as True Fellowship are also different than Fellowships Administered as Assistantships.  Please read your offer letter to understand your appointment.  If you have any questions regarding your appointment, please ask.  We are here to help guide you through this process.



True Fellowships are paid as a stipend and is considered taxable income, but taxes cannot be withheld.  Fellowships Administered as Assistantships are paid as a salary and taxes are withheld.  Graduate Student stipends/salaries are paid bi-weekly.  Stipends or salaries may be paid as an academic year appointment or as a fiscal year appointment.  Academic year appointments will start on the first day of the academic year calendar. Fiscal year fellowships will start on the day designated in your offer letter. 


MEDICAL/Dental/vision Benefits

Open enrollment for graduate students is July 1st through the second week in September or within 30 days of your new fellowship start date.

True Fellowships receive a medical insurance stipend supplement, provided by The Graduate School, at a rate based on the Purdue contribution to medical insurance for graduate student staff. This supplement is provided in two payments — in the August and December paychecks. In calculating the payments, the business office will prorate the supplement based on the number of months in the semester. The fall semester, August through December, equals 5/12 of the supplement; and the spring/summer semester, January through July, is 7/12 of the supplement.  To find out more about True Fellowship medical/dental benefits, please visit:  Vision insurance is also available for True Fellowships students. To enroll in the Purdue Vision benefit plan with VSP, complete the Fellowship Vision Enrollment Form during the annual student insurance open enrollment period or within 30 days of your new fellowship start date after you have enrolled in a student health insurance plan.

Fellowships Administered as Assistantships will not receive a medical insurance supplement, as Purdue’s contribution will be paid directly to the Insurance Carrier.  To find out more information on Fellowship Administered as Assistantship medical/dental/vision benefits, please visit:



Graduate School Managed Fellowship recipients receive payment of their tuition as a benefit of the fellowship.  Depending on the Fellowship, some Student Fees may be also be covered as part of the benefit of the fellowship.  This should be stated in your offer letter, but can also be found by viewing each fellowship located in the Fellowship Manual to determine which fees, if any are covered.



If your fellowship is being administered as an 50% CUL-FY appointment, you may be eligible for other benefits, including vacation and sick pay.  Please refer to the Graduate Staff Employment Manual for more details.

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