Fellowship Award Benefits

Different fellowships offer different types and amounts of funding. Fellowship applicants are encouraged to read over the solicitation to see which of the following costs are provided by the fellowship. 

Living Expenses

Most fellowships provide some amount of stipend or salary that contributes to the fellows' living expenses. 

Medical Insurance

Medical insurance coverage is provided by the university to Graduate School Managed Fellowships although external fellowships may or may not offer insurance. Fellows whose medical insurance is provided by Purdue should visit the Purdue University Student Health Insurance website to view information on medical benefits. 

Tuition and Fees

Tuition may be included in a fellowship, as each external fellowship has its own terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the fellow to contribute any tuition or fees that are not included in their fellowship. Recipients of Graduate School Managed Fellowships receive payment of their tuition as a benefit of the fellowship.  Depending on the Fellowship, some Student Fees may also be covered.  

Travel Expenses

In addition to living expenses, insurance, and tuition, a fellowship may also contribute funds towards travel costs for traveling to research sites or conferences. The amount and procedure for using the funds are determined by the funding agency that issued the fellowship. Additionally, travel grants are small funding opportunities open to graduate students that are designed to help contribute to the costs of travel for attending conferences or conducting research off-campus. 

Additional Funding

A fellowship may also provide a small amount of funding for research activities, book or technology purchases, or additional education-related costs. Fellowship applicants should consult the fellowship solicitation for information on all benefits to see what amounts and funding purposes are included in the award. 

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