Fellowship FAQs

How do I apply for external fellowships?

On the Outside Fellowships Page, you can view various fellowships that are offered by companies, private foundations, and government agencies. To apply for these awards, go to the website for the opportunity for the online application link. Some fellowships, such as NIH, NASA, and NIJ, require applications to be submitted through Sponsored Programs and Services (SPS), which requires your advisor to fill out the online Proposal Worksheet at least a few weeks prior to the deadline to request SPS to submit the application.

Which internal Purdue fellowships are available to incoming graduate students?

Recruitment fellowships, which include the Andrews, Purdue Doctoral, Lynn, and Ross fellowships, support the initiative of encouraging highly talented individuals to enroll as doctoral students in Purdue graduate programs.

Students are not eligible for the recruitment fellowships if they have enrolled in a Purdue graduate program.

Students who attended Purdue for their undergraduate degree program may directly apply for the Chappelle Fellowship, which has open applications between November and January each year.

How are internal Purdue fellowships awarded to incoming graduate students?

Prospective graduate students must first apply to their Purdue graduate program to be considered for an internal fellowship. The application to a graduate program is automatically used to consider the prospective student for internal fellowships; no additional applications are required.  Prospective students who are offered an internal fellowship will receive a fellowship offer letter with their offer of admission to Purdue.

Selection of recipients for Graduate School fellowships and awards is conducted by members of the Graduate Faculty.

Are there internal Purdue fellowships available for international students?

Yes, the Andrews and Ross Fellowships may be awarded to international prospective graduate students based on the individual’s graduate program application.

The Chappelle Fellowship is open to all Purdue undergraduates regardless of international or domestic status.

For current Purdue doctoral students, the Kruhe Fellowship is open to both domestic and international students.

Which internal fellowships are available for currently enrolled graduate students?

Fellowships for currently enrolled students include the Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship and the Kruhe Fellowship. The Kruhe Fellowship is the only internal Purdue fellowship awarded by the Graduate School for currently enrolled Purdue graduate students. Applications are accepted from November to January; check Student Direct Apply Fellowships for more information. 

The Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship is awarded by the College and Department, and each has its own process. Typically, the research advisor or department head will nominate a PhD student for the Bisland Award. Interested students should discuss this with their research advisor or graduate director.


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