The Keystone Series

The Ecological Sciences and Engineering Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (ESE) hosts a discussion-based series to address relevant topics, drawing from the abundant knowledge base of the interdisciplinary program and University.

Our approach is to explore literature across physical and social science disciplines to inform and instigate discussion regarding pressing, complex, current events that are otherwise mediated by popular press and political outlets. Ultimately, we hope to create a venue that engages students and faculty across campus while also reaching out to the broader public.

The Keystone Series hosts events using an information-discussion platform that includes an online exchange for student and faculty rated journal articles. The content of the articles evolve into facilitated discussion between students, faculty and the public to explore the issue. It typically includes invited panelists representing diverse perspectives that inform and encourage facilitated small- and large-group discussions.

Key objectives for the series are to:

  1. Inform ESE students and faculty about a relevant interdisciplinary topic in the news.
  2. Provide information and resources for the broader Purdue and Lafayette/West Lafayette communities on the topic.
  3. Create an interdisciplinary forum where diverse ideas and perspectives can be exchanged freely, without judgment or fear of non-conformity to the dominant bias.
  4. Encourage cross-cohort discussions and relationships within the ESE program.

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