De-Stress Program

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Destress Kits

Monday, April 25th

Treat yourself with a self-care package! Including self-care products and snacks like hi-chew and indomie, grab one and enjoy a relaxing self-care night on us!

K-Drama and Chill

Tuesday, April 26th 4 – 5 pm

Enjoy a night in, watch heart wrenching Korean Dramas with friends, slurping on warm noodles. Take a short break to sit down and relax, and fill your stomach!

Tote Bag Painting

Wednesday, April 27th 2 – 3 pm

Customize a tote bag with paints to show off your personality and creativity! You can carry your books, groceries, or anything with tote bags and they are a much safer choice for the environment

Karaoke and Snacks

Thursday, April 28th 12 – 1 pm

Karaoke is an event no one should skip out on. Come belt your favorite tunes at our karaoke day.. Invite your friends and come enjoy refreshments and singing at the AAARCC!

Spring Luau with AAARCC & NAECC

Friday, April 29th 3 – 5 pm

In collaboration with the NAECC, come enjoy food trucks, performances, and activity workshops! Stop by between your classes or spend the afternoon with us. Take a break from studying and come have some fun!




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