ASAM 340/AMST 301 Virtual Student Exhibition

ASAM 340/AMST 301 Virtual Student Exhibition “Re-Imagining Representation”


In Spring 2020, students in ASAM 340/AMST 301 class  “Disney and the Politics of Representation” discussed the politics of Asian American and Pacific Islander representation in media and pop culture, focusing on Disney's productions. After analyzing various problematic stereotypes, the students developed final projects that either revised an existing Disney production or proposed a brand new production that they think would be good representation of these communities. We hope you are inspired by their visions for a future media landscape!

See the whole exhibition here: Re-Imagining Representation


Rachel Bonini (Ph.D. Candidate, American Studies) will be teaching this ASAM 340/AMST 301 course for Maymester (starting May 18, 2020). Please register soon if you are interested in taking this class!

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