News for US Citizens Currently Abroad

The Office of Programs for Study Abroad wants all Purdue students on overseas adventures to have enriching experiences and above all, to stay well and safe. 

If you become concerned about an event or situation that occurs in the country where you are studying, watch it closely. 

Sources of safety advice

Since Purdue relies heavily on the advice of the US Department of State in such matters, you should become familiar with those of their sites that provide information on safety for Americans abroad. 

For the US State Department's safety advice for Americans abroad, click here and here

In the interest of getting a variety of persepctives on complicated situations, you may also wish to have the advice of other countries' governments.

  • For the safety advice of the British government, click here.
  • For the safety advice of the Canadian government, click here.  
  • For the safety advice of the Australian government, click here.
    For the safety advice of the New Zealand government, click here.
  • For the advice of the Irish government, click here.

Safety precautions

If you become concerned about an event or situation that occurs in the country where you are studying, please do the following.

  • Keep in contact with on-site staff.

  • Maintain a low profile; do not advertise yourself as being an American by wearing University clothing, or clothing that advertises American companies/locales.

  • Avoid crowds and protest groups, as well as restaurants or clubs that are known as being popular with Americans.

  • Keep up with local news through newspapers, radio, TV and on-line sources. In the event of disturbances or protests, DO NOT get involved.

  • Stay clear of any unattended packages in public places and of unattended luggage in train stations, airports, and hotels/hostels.

  • Use caution if approached by a stranger who asks for information about you, your program or your fellow students.

  • Before traveling away from your program site, check with the US Embassy/Consulate at your destination for updated travel safety information. Leave a detailed itinerary of your travels with your study abroad program's resident director, your host family or the your host university's international office.

  • Register with the US Embassy/Consulate at your study site & when you travel to other countries. Keep in touch with your family on a regular basis - your family will always be concerned with your well being and will want to be able to reach you in case of an emergency.

Contacting Purdue

Remember that you can...

Or, in case of an emergency occurring outside of business hours, contact the Purdue Police at 765-494-4821.

Withdrawal from a program due to an emergency situation

Click here for information on this procedure.