What is zipTrips™?

Purdue zipTrips are virtual electronic field trips that bring Purdue University scientists into your classroom. Through the wonders of technology, students interactively visit labs, greenhouses, aquaculture facilities, Discovery Park, the veterinary school, and other amazing places that are off limits to your students even in a real-life field trip.

The centerpiece of each zipTrip is a live webcast featuring factual, unbiased scientific information presented in an entertaining way. Your students will be able to email questions during the show for the scientists to answer. And each trip includes supplementary online videos that feature the work of Purdue scientists.

There's nothing like Purdue zipTrips when it comes to introducing your students to cutting-edge research, scientific inquiry, and science careers. And best of all, it’s free!

Featured Trip: Plant Science: The Green Machine

Plant Science: The Green Machine

Learn About Plant Science: The Green Machine

Genetics. Robots. Climate change. Feeding the world. What do these seemingly diverse fields of study have in common? They are just a few of the many fields of study to be found under the topic of plant science! Take your class on this amazing zipTrip and find out what makes plant sciences "The Green Machine!"

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