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Homeowners Main Page

Homeowners Main Page

Some homeowners have limited acreage and are interested in wildlife. Others own larger lots in addition to their backyard. This section is designed to help homeowners who want to attract wildlife to their backyard or their surrounding acreage. Part of wildlife management is controlling nuisance wildlife problems around your home and problems your pets can cause for wildlife. For example, birdfeeders attract birds to your backyard, but are also attractive to raccoons, squirrels, or domestic cats. Raccoons can cause damage to roofs and attics, squirrels can chew on cables, and domestic cats can catch and kill songbirds. The following information in this section with help you attract and manage for wildlife around your home while minimizing potential conflicts with wildlife.

  • Backyard
    I want to attract wildlife to my backyard. What do I do?
  • Surrounding Acreage
    I have some acreage around my home that I would like to manage for wildlife; or
    I have land around my home that I do not want to farm or spend a lot of time to maintain. What do I do?
  • Pet and Wildlife Damage
    Learn how to manage problems often assoiated with wildlife and pets.
  • Sick and Injured Wildlife
    Have you encountered a sick or injured animal? Learn what to do.


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