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FAQ Main Page What Do I Do When an Animal Damages My Property?

I have a wild animal damaging my property. What do I do?

Properly planned management can still encourage wanted wildlife species while minimizing nuisance wildlife problems. There is no standard answer for all wildlife problems; solutions vary on a case-by-case basis. Successful plans, however, include taking steps to prevent damage before the damage occurs, monitoring for signs of new damage, and minimizing further damage through a combination of approved techniques. You will rarely be able to eliminate all wildlife conflicts, and minimizing nuisance wildlife can be an ongoing process.

For information on solving nuisance wildlife problems in Indiana, contact the USDA Wildlife Services/IDNR Wildlife Conflicts Hotline at 1-800-893-4116. They will help you determine the species that is causing your problem and give you proven and legal steps you can do yourself. For people who do not have the time or expertise to solve their problem, the hotline can provide you with a list of licensed nuisance wildlife control operators that service your area for a fee.

For general information about solving human wildlife conflicts:




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