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Student Award Recipients Fall 2017

Fall Semester Student Employee Awards Announced!

Student employees continue to impress and make remarkable contributions to all areas within Student Life. Join me in congratulating the following award recipients for Fall 2017.

Outstanding New Student Employee:
Ceouna Hegwood – Office Assistant, Fraternity, Sorority, & Cooperative Life

Student Employee of the Semester:
Cody Daub – Lead Facility Manager, Recreation & Wellness
Meghan Pintozzi – Student Associate, The Port Cafe

Online nominations for Spring 2018 awards are now being accepted through March 23, 2018. Please visit the student employment awards page for more information and to submit a nomination.

Christy Schock

Congratulations to Christy Schock - 4th Quarter Clerical/Service 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Christy was nominated for the Stewardship and Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what her nominator (Susan Prieto-Welch) had to say about her:

In the past year, CAPS has grown tremendously and exponentially. In the process of this, we have instituted several significant changes (in services and processes), most of the time needing to implement these very quickly.

Throughout all of this change and upheaval, Christy has been a rock, both for students and for CAPS’ staff. She understands and appreciates the significant changes being implemented, and has worked tirelessly to go above and beyond in practical, specific and thoughtful ways to contribute toward bringing changes about in as smooth and seamless a way as possible, creatively using resources at her disposal. An example of this is Christy’s spearheading of front desk process changes as we implemented our new IA Team and IA process. She is a change agent by modeling the role, as well as thinking through detailed steps and training others in these, supporting them along the way.

A second substantive contribution Christy has made during this time is her work with staff – encouraging, providing support and information and serving as a grounding force for new and existing staff alike. Christy’s positivity, good nature, good humor and firmness have provided consistency during a time of change and at times turbulence and have continued to foster and nurture our relationships and cohesion as a staff.

All of this has been accomplished while making sure that our service delivery to students as seen via front desk functions, IA and on-call, run smoothly and evenly – I don’t think students have had a sense of the level of change being felt.

Last, but not least, Christy’s organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to juggle multiple projects have been put to the test as she supports my work as director. Her contributions in this regard have been invaluable, as have been her work ethic, initiative and willingness. She’s been the consummate team member and I can’t thank her enough.

Will Heidbreder

Congratulations to Will Heidbreder - 4th Quarter Administrative/Professional 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Will was nominated for the Stewardship competency within the SLISU vision. Read what his nominator (Chris Skiba) had to say about him:

Passion-Sustainability-Stewardship-Creativeness-Teamwork-Learning- Beauty...these are just some of the words I think of when I walk around our Residence Halls and Dining Courts and see the impact Will has on our facilities with the magic of great landscape design and installation. You see the passion of Will's work in his eyes when he speaks of the projects he is doing to brighten our facilities. Will was instrumental in the design and implementation of the rain and student gardens at the new Honors College and shared the strong belief on the importance of such features with the Honors College Dean. Walk down 3rd Street on a warm spring day and see the inviting and comfortable seating at Starbucks which would not be possible without Will's leadership and execution. Will is always conscious of what landscape projects cost and how best to stretch dollars with the use of student labor. I often observe Will and his team very early in the morning and into the evening to make the most use of the limited time he has during the summer months. How fortunate are the Purdue students that work with Will to be able to learn and grow with all the mentorship Will offers. University Residences is so fortunate to encounter the beauty of our surroundings when our students, staff and visitors walk up to our facilities. I challenge anyone to walk around campus and see if they can find other landscaping that is as beatuful as what is around our buildings. With a smile but determined demeanor, Will is always challenging us in the Capital Planning group to determine ways to better our product we put out there and to look at sustainable long range plans to better the University.

Jay Gephart

Congratulations to Jay Gephart - Announced as the 2018 Outstanding Collegiate Music Educator of the Year by the Indiana Music Education Association

We are very proud to announce that Jay Gephart, Al G. Wright Chair, Director of Bands for Purdue and the Vice Provost for Student Life was recently honored with the title of 2018 Outstanding Collegiate Music Educator of the year. Jay joined the faculty of Purdue University in the fall of 1995 after having completed 12 years as a public school band director. In July 2001, he was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure, and in 2009 was promoted to Full Professor. From 1995-2006, Professor Gephart served as the director for the Purdue Symphony Orchestra. He currently serves as Director of the Purdue “All-American” Marching Band and the Purdue Wind Ensemble. Click here to read the full article.

JC Readers Choice Award - Best Student Housing 2017

Congratulations to University Residences for winning the Journal & Courier's Reader's Choice Award for Best Student Housing 2017

Thank you to all who supported University Residences by spreading the word and voting!

Amanda Young

Congratulations to Amanda Young - 3rd Quarter Administrative/Professional 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Amanda was nominated for the Student Learning, Leadership Development, Inclusion and Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what her nominators had to say about her:

From nominator: Devin Hall

In my opinion Amanda exudes each of the qualities listed above, but the one I chose to focus on is Unity. She is always, always, always in such a great, positive mood. The kind of positive attitude that inevitably rubs off on everyone around her. She turns even the toughest of times into a positive outcome. Another amazing quality she has is Inclusion. I am an Athletic Training student and I have a rotation in the PT clinic my sophomore and junior year. Every day I was in there Amanda would have each of us students work together to figure out the best rehabilitation program for the patient. She would make sure that we read the history of the patient and previous rehab protocol so we knew what would work best for the patient. After we collaboratively worked together we would discuss our plan with Amanda and she would give us tips about what she thought would work best and give us her advice. She always preached to us the importance of collaboration, especially in the medical field. Amanda is an all-around great role model and teacher. She leads by example through her hard work, positive attitude, intelligence, and cultural competence. She is the perfect candidate for this award and would represent it very well.

From nominator: Kara Kershner

Amanda Young embodies all Student Life Principles listed above. However, the principle I would most like to nominate Amanda for is Inclusion. As an ATS, I have known Amanda as a preceptor for 3 years through rotations in Physical Therapy. In this setting, we are reminded that healthcare is both a science and an art. This encourages providers to focus on excellence in clinical competencies, and acquire the art of applying knowledge in a way that best suits the patient. The art is having firm compassion. It is knowing when to push the patient further in their rehabilitation and when to provide comfort and encouragement. Patients from other areas of the world may not be comfortable with contact, westernized techniques and interventions, or require an advocate that speaks on their behalf. As a clinician, exposure to these situations is part of becoming culturally competent. It poses a challenge that requires creativity to ensure quality care from start to finish while keeping the patient’s values at the forefront. This is the art of healthcare that Amanda teaches students every day through both her words and her actions. To many students Amanda is more than a preceptor, she is a life coach. In a hectic and stressful major, Amanda helps students learn to embrace work-life balance. She sets time aside to meet students for coffee and actively listens to the challenges they are facing. Last spring, my grandfather passed away before finals. Amanda wrote me a card encouraging me to remain positive through the emotional time and frequently checked in. As graduate school approaches, I will remember the genuine interest and motivation Amanda demonstrated during the toughest times of my undergraduate career. It has been a privilege to learn from her, and I cannot think of someone more deserving of this award.

From nominator: Jeff Stein

Amanda is an excellent employee and her work exemplifies all aspects of the SLISU vision. My department would not be able to help the students we do without her hard work and dedication. I have nominated her for this award w/ my words in the past, but here is what her students say: "What I admire most is her unreserved respect & attentiveness towards a diverse group of patients and students. She pushes everyone to reach their full potential while providing support and active listening. I feel that my education has been improved by working closely with such a personable, respectful, and resourceful preceptor." Kara K. SAT "Amanda is one of the best preceptors that I have worked with because of her willingness to get her students involved. She demonstrates Unity by working together with students to create an effective treatment plan, Inclusion by always listening to the ideas and opinions of her students, and Student Learning by giving her students the hands-on experience necessary to better their clinical skills. Amanda also exhibits Stewardship by caring about her students and guiding them in the right direction if they are stuck, and Leadership Development by encouraging her students to come up with their own ideas and be confident in their decisions to prepare them for the real world." Emma A. SAT "Amanda has helped me over the last few years because I have had a chance to obtain clinical experience in PUSH physical therapy. She has taught me about rehabilitation of patients with different injuries ranging from back pain to pre & post-op ACL's. Not only has she furthered my education, but Amanda cares about each of the students she helps teach. She consistently asks me how school is going and life in general." Dari K. SAT

Purdue University Residences Receives 2017 Pride of Case V Gold Award

The Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District V awarded Purdue University a Gold Award for their Executive-in-Residence program. CASE District V represents colleges from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin and works to provide a strong force for the advancement and support of education worldwide.

The Best Student Alumni Programming Award recognizes an outstanding program in Alumni Relations that involves current students at our institution, including programs aimed at students or programs involving student-alumni groups. Entries are judged on program’s success in meeting its stated goals, use of resources, creativity, and impact on the alumni relations program and institution. Purdue University Residences has worked very hard to develop our Executive-in-Residence program over the past three years and we are thrilled with the positive response we are receiving from our students, staff and the Purdue community. Please visit the CASE District V website for judging criteria and more information.

2017 Food Drive

Thank You Student Life!

For September’s Hunger Action Month, Student Life staff collected a total of 952 pounds of food items that went to the Ace Food Pantry on campus, benefiting both students and staff in the community. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful efforts. A huge thank you to the food collection volunteers as well!

Mark Layman

Congratulations to Mark Layman - 3rd Quarter Clerical/Service 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Mark was nominated for the Leadership Development, Inclusion, Stewardship and Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what his nominators had to say about him:

From nominator Jacob Garis:

"Mark supports SLISU by being a prominent leader of night staff at the Wiley Dining Court. He includes his staff on group decisions that best fit practices to provide a safe and clean environment. He has developed others to work independently on tasks and helped train day staff on proper floor care at Wiley Hall. His stewardship at Purdue is one of the most involved and high caliber I have ever seen. He runs a very well organized operation with night staff. Night staff have a thankless job, because they are usually out of sight when most work days. They are responsible for making sure everything is cleaned and ready for the next day. Mark has developed a strong team at Wiley Dining Court and has provided unified relationships between University Residences and Dining staff."

From nominator Dan Kitchen:

"Mark has supplied his customers with an excellent service for many years. He has worked to train student staff on cleaning procedures along with regular staff and explains to them the importance of a clean dining area. He has helped with setups for events for students, and he comes in during the day to train others on floor care and sanitary procedures to keep our students eating areas and residence halls safe. He has taken charge and leads the way with ensuring procedures to keep our eating areas as safe as possible and using chemicals that are less harmful to our environment. Mark does not always have a direct face to face with our students, but his attention to detail keeps them safe and provides other staff with the necessary guidance and coaching to ensure all aspects of their Purdue education are safe and healthy. Mark’s “behind the scenes” work has contributed to all of our overall food safety concerns at Wiley dining, even as he has assisted other teams at other courts. Mark sees the BIG picture and his record of service shows this. His constant vigilance both day and night shows his dedication."

Purdue Band's World Largest Drum

Purdue's Largest Drum Featured on Slo Mo Guys

In partnership with Purdue Mechanical Engineering, the Slo Mo Guys of internet fame created a video featuring Purdue Bands' World's Largest Drum. Purdue Bands and Orchestras is a department within the division of Student Life. Click here to check out this cool video!

Hema Saxena

Congratulations to Hema Saxena - 2nd Quarter 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Hema was nominated for the Student Learning, Leadership Development, Inclusion, Stewardship and Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what her nominator had to say about her:

Hema Saxena has been an asset to Purdue Dining & Catering throughout the 20 years that she has been employed. Over-time she has demonstrated to me and others that she upholds the highest professional principles and practices that is necessary in meeting the SLISU vision. As a person she is very caring, very kind, polite & respectful of others with a warm, welcoming smile. A person of high integrity. These traits translate to her work responsibilities; she takes her job very seriously with a great can-do attitude. One might call it a job, but she may call it a passion. I have created my own title for her, and that is "customer service specialist". In my experience, she truly is one of the best. Hema carries out her own mission, while holding herself accountable for that mission: to create a welcoming environment for our customer. And yet she understands to meet this goal, we must start with treating the team of student employees, that support us daily, with the very best of care while creating and providing an environment that fosters learning, development and unity. She is the lead on training and she does it with great diplomacy. Throughout her career, based on her own initiatives, principles and practices, we all have benefited daily. This is supported by high customer service marks and high student employee retention. The staff at large who know Hema think very highly of her. Throughout her career she has been identified as an outstanding contributor, highly recognized formally and a valued team member. She will be retiring this September to care for her husband and spend time with her sons and their families. I can't think of a better way to honor Hema's remarkable achievements than by bestowing her with this great honor. Thank you.

Fall 2017 Student Life Kick-Off Event a Success

Thanks to everyone who attended the Student Life Fall Kick-off event. We had exceptional attendance and we appreciate everyone helping us kick-off the new school year.

Student Life Kickoff Speaker Beth McCuskey

Reif named director of Purdue Memorial Union

Zane Reif has been selected as the new director for the Purdue Memorial Union. Reif comes to us from his role as senior director of the University Union at the University of North Texas. Reif will begin his tenure with us on September 15, 2017. Click here to read the press release in Purdue Today.

Michelle Singleton

Congratulations to Michelle Singleton - 2nd Quarter Administrative/Professional 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Michelle was nominated for the Student Learning, Leadership Development, Stewardship and Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Michelle was the first SLISU winner nominated by two differnt individuals. Read what her nominators had to say about her:

From Jessica Shellhorn:

"Student Learning - As supervisor of the Demonstration Kitchen for Recreation and Wellness, Michelle continuously offers positions for students to grow both academically and professionally. For example, as a Cooking Instructor for the Demonstration Kitchen, students are able to learn the material in the classroom and apply the knowledge within the kitchen to share with the Purdue community. Without Michelle's continuous effort to train students, they would be unable to participate in these co-curricular experiences. Leadership Development - Michelle creates opportunities for students and allows them to find new interests and abilities. For example, Michelle presented me with the opportunity to collaborate with Purdue Admissions to develop a video for incoming students. This is a prime example of how Michelle knows each employee's passion and presents opportunities that allow us to develop strengths. My Purdue University successes and personal growth would not be possible without Michelle's mentorship and dedication to Student Life. Inclusion - Michelle has broken the stereotype that only students within a nutrition-related major can become a Cooking Instructor. She has encouraged all backgrounds to apply for the position by reaching out to a variety of students and departments on campus. The Demonstration Kitchen now employs 13 students with a range of 6 different disciplines, which allows the students to embrace diversity and value each individual. Unity - Michelle is at the forefront of being committed to create a teamwork in all areas of Recreation and Wellness. For example, she set up a cooking demonstration with student employees and the Director of Recreation and Wellness. As a student that participated in this event, I was positively impacted and was able to use the knowledge shared by the Director to enhance my education."

From Olivia Birlson:

"I've gotten to know Michelle as both my supervisor, and then as my colleague when I was promoted within our department. I was a student cooking instructor when Michelle transferred over from PUSH and became the assistant director of Nutrition Education programs, which included oversight of the Demo Kitchen and it's staff. Right off the bat, Michelle encouraged us all to come to her with any ideas we had for new Demo Kitchen events or ways to make our programming better. Giving us this creative freedom allowed the Demo Kitchen programming to thrive, including the development of a children's cooking series, a serious overhaul of all preexisting demo menus, 7 new cooking demonstration menus, and a new staff-geared crock pot lunch series. She uses monthly staff meetings to develop our public speaking and leadership skills. Michelle has an open-door policy that I know nearly every one of her staff have taken advantage of at one point or another. She always makes time, whether it's on the clock or after hours, to make sure her staff feel supported, both professionally and personally. Michelle has most definitely become a mentor for me as we have become colleagues. She is always finding new career development opportunities and is always encouraging me; for example, this past fall she pushed me to develop a presentation for the Mid-America College Health Association Annual Conference. I had never done anything like this before, so it was a great learning opportunity and I took great pride in adding it to my resume. On top of all her work in the Demo Kitchen, she also sees many students for nutrition counseling appointments. When she left on maternity leave, it took 3 of us to stay on top of all of her work! Michelle without a doubt deserves this award."

Purdue Memorial Union Pays Homage to Former Union Directors

Portraits of all five past Purdue Memorial Union Directors now adorn the walls of the Director's Room next to the Sagamore Restaurant in the Union. Additionally, some rooms have been renamed. Read the article in Purdue Today. 

Purdue Dining & Catering Wins RecycleMania Case Study Competition

Purdue Dining & Catering received an award in recognition of its targeted approach to reduce cardboard, paper and plastic that is associated with the use of disposable plates. Please click to read the full article.

Congratulations to Purdue Dining & Catering - Awarded Best Customer Service 

Purdue Dining & Catering Wins Best Customer Service Award in the annual Food Management Magazine Best Concept Awards. Click here to read more.

Congratulations to Purdue Interfraternity Council - Recognized By The North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) with the Council Award of Distinction

The Council Award of Distinction is given to Interfraternity Councils (IFC) operating in full compliance with NIC standards and working to maintain an environment on their respective campus that is conducive to the success of member chapters. Only 2 Councils received this recognition in 2017. Click here to learn more. 

Congratulations to University Residences Student Leaders and Staff on hosting a successful NACURH (National Association of College and University Residence Halls) conference!

Take a look at look back at some amazing highlights of the NACURH annual conference, hosted by Purdue University Residences! So proud of all our Boilermaker students and staff who worked so hard to make this happen! Click here to watch the video recap on NACURH's You Tube Channel

Peggy Hunley

Congratulations to Peggy Hunley - 1st Quarter 2017 SLISU Excellence Award Winner!

Peggy was nominated for the Student Learning, Leadership Development, Inclusion, Stewardship and Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what her nominator had to say about her:

To me, Peggy Hunley is the embodiment of the Student Life Vision. Whether it be developing students, watching the bottom line, creating a sense of teamwork and diversity or reaching out to help others, Peggy truly upholds all 5 of the Student Life is You categories. Peggy is constantly turning out future leaders, some of her students have gone on to become full time supervisors for her and operating their own Starbucks at Butler University. She is also very sensitive to the needs of her team, whether it be training, equipment or just a shoulder to lean on, Peggy is always there to support them. She recognizes they need more than a boss while they are here. Sometimes they need a friend, a mentor or even a second “mom”. Peg works hard to create a tight knit team at the PMU Starbucks. From creating a zombie buffet, an ugly sweater party or a Gilmore girls watch party, she makes sure to celebrate their success with fun times! Peggy extends this teamwork atmosphere beyond Starbucks whenever possible. She has been a critical element in organizing the Taste of the Union for the last few years, serves on the student success committee and is always one of the first to help with student activities. Last, Peggy has set her goal on half a million dollars to her bottom line this year. She watches her budget and adheres to it very closely while never letting her unit, team or customer suffer. Peggy will be the first to tell you that the students are why she is here. She loves teaching and developing them. It is hard to watch them leave, but the difference she has made is evident each time one of them makes a special trip in to visit “Mama Bucks”.

Steven Yeagley

Congratulations to Steven Yeagley - 1st Quarter Administrative/Professional 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Steven was nominated for the Student Learning, Inclusion and Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what his nominator had to say about him:

Steven is the most dedicated professional that I have ever come to know when focusing on assisting students in times of need.  His entire philosophy centers around providing care, concern, and platforms for success for students.  Steven is such an integral and important person in the lives of our students - during a student's college career, it is very likely that at some point, they will experience a difficult situation, and Steven has spearheaded many efforts to ensure that all students are aware of the support services available to them and fosters an inclusive, caring, and comfortable environment for all students.  Steven has also lead efforts to make faculty and staff more aware of how they can tell the Dean of Students Office about students who may benefit from outreach and knowing that someone cares.  As a result of these efforts, Student of Concern reports have come in at numbers in one semester that equaled the total number of reports from the past y! ear.  This means that more students are being told that someone cares about them and is willing to go the extra mile to help them be successful.  Steven leaves no rock un-turned when seeking to assist a student, understand a situation, and/or find ways to support a student.  He is truly the epitome of a higher education student affairs professional, and Purdue is so very lucky to have him to lead the Dean of Students crisis team and to provide top notch services and care to our students.

Regina Brummett

Congratulations to Regina Brummett - 1st Quarter Clerical/Service 2017 SLISU Award Winner!

Regina was nominated for the Leadership Development competency within the SLISU vision. Read what her nominator had to say about her:

Regina Brummett exemplifies “leadership by example” to our students. Having worked at Purdue for 20 years, she is currently a Level 4 Service Worker at Wiley Residence Hall. I say she leads “by example” because her duties do not bring her into regular, consistent contact with students. She services the public areas of Wiley, the “nook and cranny” areas (that many do not know exist) as well as doing the laundry. She is also a Trainer. While quiet and unassuming in her tasks, students who take the time to notice her will observe a dependable, hard worker who services them with excellence. They will notice that she is not just on time but early to work and rarely absent. They will see her pleasant smile. They will notice that an area that has been cleaned by Regina is ALWAYS immaculate. They will observe that those who have been trained by her are not only well trained but are also ready to explain tasks to others who need help. They will see a “mentor by example.” They will observe that when she is called upon to lead our team, she “direct the troops” with efficiency and tact. As they enter her “office” in the laundry room they will notice that it is orderly and clean. They will see that her cart is well stocked and ready to go. They might notice on her wall a small certificate which states she came to work during the Snowpocolypse of 2014. They may notice that serves on our Diversity Committee. They might also learn that she brings birthday cakes for us and sometimes brings a cake “just because.” In other words, they will see in Regina the character traits that they can emulate to help them develop their strengths and lead the world forward.

Purdue Students Swipe Out Starvation in Partnership with Purdue Dining & Catering

“Making the connection between the often-unwanted meal plan items students were taking and a desire to combat hunger was easy. Forming a plan of action and setting it in motion took some doing.” Swipe Out Starvation was started in 2010. Read More

Watch Boilers Supporting Boilers Introductory Video

So proud of our Purdue students for their commitment to each other and to the Boilermaker community!

BSB Week occured April 10th-14th, 2017. If you or your organization would like to get involved with this event and/or future events, we encourage you to contact BSB at this address:

Watch Our Video of Student Life SLISU Winners 2016

Students Power Purdue Dining Upgrades Through Academic Partnerships

The results of an Industrial Engineering 431 senior design capstone project include an average 23 percent reduction in wait time in line at Lemongrass, a Far East eatery in the Union Commons that shares a space with sushi spot Ah-Z. Based on daily traffic, that reduction in time in line adds up to two hours saved for Lemongrass and Ah-Z customers every day, time that could be better spent in a classroom or study lounge. Additionally, the four-student team proposed a new digital self-service ordering system and redesigned seating layout for the restaurants.

Purdue Dining & Catering has been partnering consistently with the class for 7-10 years, and Dave Kotterman, director of industry relations for the School of Industrial Engineering, recalled classmates doing projects on campus dining when he was an industrial engineering student himself in the 1980s.

“Dining & Catering is one of our more substantial and consistent customers. They are so good about giving us projects, and it’s all about increasing student service and satisfaction of the dining experience here at Purdue,” Kotterman said. “They’re always trying to improve, which I think is a great characteristic of a management team that gets it.”

“One thing we do stress is to actually introduce engineering concepts and quantify our outcomes,” Kotterman said. “It’s one thing to be anecdotal in nature, but we really stress working the engineering side and the business side – cost-savings and engineering concepts like minimizing waste and improving efficiency, and relaying that back to the dollar values that we save customers.”

Along with the Lemongrass project, engineering students studied line queueing in the dining courts and the efficiency of the Hillenbrand Dining Court take back program last fall. In the spring semester, IE 431 teams are doing projects on operational efficiency of Harrison Grillé, Pete’s Za and the Daily Bite food truck; Ford Dining Court outside patio layout and design; and efficiency in the Purdue Memorial Union catering kitchen and dish room.

Writer: Matt Watson,

Sources: Greg Minner, director of Purdue Dining & Catering,, Tom Coleman, director of Retail Dining,, Dave Kotterman, director of industry relations for the School of Industrial Engineering,

Thank you for Celebrating Pappy’s 90th Birthday With Us!

In partnership with Purdue Student Union Board, on March 2, 2017 from 6-9 p.m., Pappy's held a Throwback Party featuring trivia and offering 7 oz. Root beer floats for $1.37. The first 50 customers received a commemorative mug!

France A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center Ranked 17

Lendedu ranked Purdue’s France A. Córdova Recreational Sports Center #17 in their “Top 30 College Recreation Centers Report”. Purdue University offers one of the best fitness resources in college. The results of this study can be found here.

Ranking is based on Google Reviews, Available Resources, Intramural and Clubs Sports and Square Feet per Students within the Recreation Center.

Recreation centers are quickly becoming one of the most important resources offered at colleges. With a growing health and fitness conscious culture, our current student body as well as future prospective students will be excited to see our ranking.

Congratulations to Monica Bloom, Thumbs Up Recipient

To read more please visit this website

Congratulations to Todd Wetzel - Named Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life

In this role, Todd will continue to oversee Purdue Convocations along with the Purdue Memorial Union, Student Activities and Organizations, and the Hall of Music Productions.  Todd will focus on the energy of “people, place, and program” as he works to build synergies across these four organizations.

As a campus cultural leader, Todd has conceived and delivered a wide array of world-class culture and discourse for students and the broader community, has partnered extensively across the academic enterprise to integrate visiting artists and thinkers into the curriculum, and has a demonstrated entrepreneurial approach to his work. He began his Purdue career in 1997 in Purdue Convocations, becoming Director of the department in 1999. Prior to his Purdue career, he served as Director of the Valparaiso University Center for the Arts. He currently serves as Executive Board member & Treasurer of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals, and has served on grant panels for the National Endowment for the Arts, the Indiana Arts Commission, and other granting agencies. He holds a B.A. in Music Enterprises from Valparaiso University and an M.B.A. from Purdue’s Krannert School of Business. 

Todd officially begins his new duties this week.  Please join us in congratulating him in this new role.

Congratulations to Beth McCuskey for being selected as ACUHO-I President!

Watch as Dr. McCuskey shares "See What 2017 Has In Store" for the Association of College & University Housing Officers–International (ACUHO-I) organization here

Watch as Vice Provost Dr. Beth McCuskey delivers the Student Life State of the Division address

Congratulations to Dani Clark - 4th Quarter SLISU Award Winner!

Dani was nominated for all 5 competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what her nominator had to say about her:

Dani is my current supervisor, and she has been an incredibly passionate, driven, and supportive person to work under. Whenever I have a question no matter how big or small, Dani will make sure I have the answer in a timely fashion, while also pushing and challenging me to come up with a personalized and independent answer when applicable. She has prepared me for a position I started at an incredibly fast pace, and above everything else, she has the utmost respect for my personal health and well-being. If there's a program or group she thinks I would be interested in learning more about, she makes sure I get the information right away. More specifically, here's how she has met the five topics for SLISU: Student Learning - She challenges her RA staff with good leadership building activities to help instill confidence. Leadership Development - The quick questions she asks of her supervisees always pushes them to think critically for themselves. If we can solve a problem, she wants us to really challenge ourselves to come up with the solution. Inclusion - Dani will do everything she can to make sure her supervisees have all the information they need to be successful. I was initially left off of a listserv and she would ensure every email, announcement, and bulletin reached me as soon as possible. She also constantly checks in to touch base and see how her supervisees are doing. Stewardship - As mentioned previously, Dani is an ideal supervisor. She not only leads us well, she'll advocate for us and do everything she can to make sure someone is speaking out for us. Unity - She has a natural ability to bring a team together. She builds trust and really inspires those working with her to succeed. Dani works in Residential Life within University Residences in the division of Student Life.

Joanna Osterling

Congratulations to Joanna Osterling - 4th Quarter SLISU Award Winner!

Joanna was nominated for Leadership Development, Inclusion, Stewardship and the Unity competencies within the SLISU vision. Read what her nominator had to say about her:

This summer, Joanna Osterling showed herself to be an absolutely invaluable member of our team in Guest Relations for Hall of Music Productions. Our area has had a bit of turnover, and our clients (Purdue Convocations), also saw similar turnover. The Friends of Convocations are the lifeblood of our Convocations shows, as they are our base of donors and most enthusiastic supporters. Satisfying their seating requests and wishes is a crucial period and marks the beginning of the Convocations season. Amidst the turnover, Joanna's experience and genuine care for the Friends during the critical donor seating period was exceptional. She epitomized the term "above and beyond" by training our staff members, using her vast knowledge to "checklist" everything that needed done, and going the extra mile in her hard work for the nearly 9,000 tickets distributed. When I worked at the Ritz-Carlton, part of our credo was to "fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests". Throughout the seating period, Joanna’s work behind the scenes was done with great attention to detail and care as she went over and above to ensure the seating expectations of the Friends were met. She continually impressed her supervisors with things to double and triple check, items to consider, and dependability; that important time for our department (and Convocations) simply could not have been done without her. Her willingness to train newer staff members also showed that given this opportunity she shines as a leader. In summary, I believe Joanna exemplified the type of vigor and work ethic that surpassed expectations, and HLMC, Convocations, and our donors and supporters are fortunate to have her on our team. Many thanks to her for being a terrific example for what makes Student Life a caring, dedicated and responsible division at Purdue University. Joanna works in the Hall of Music Productions within the Division of Student Life.

Tammy Loew

Congratulations to Tammy Loew - 4th Quarter SLISU And Excellence Award Winner!

Tammy was nominated for the Inclusion competency within the SLISU vision. Tammy won the SLISU Award and the Excellence Award - Read what her nominator had to say about her:

Through Tammy's work and commitment, she exemplifies the definition of Inclusion. Tammy's role and the Wellness Staff are new to our Division from their compounds in PUSH and their transition and integration into our Division has been seamless since the start of the Fall 2015 semester. Tammy operates at a high level on behalf of the students with an emphasis on their health and wellness. Tammy has been instrumental in many Departmental and University initiatives that include Alcohol EDU, Tobacco cessation, Healthy Sexual Behaviors, and Nutrition to name a few. Tammy built a relationship with the LGBTQ Center where our Division has a presence directly during office hours at the Center. Additionally, in recent collaborations, Tammy initiated a guest speaker to discuss Inclusion at our most recent Spring 2016 All-Staff training for more than 400 student employees. Tammy's advocacy for Inclusion has been supporting a diverse university climate through creating a solid foundation on behalf of our Division among campus colleagues. Tammy also serves as a mentor to multiple student groups on campus and takes the time to meet with them regularly - even attending dinner sessions to get to know them better. Tammy's work has had an intentional emphasis on Inclusion and she embodies the values of the SLISU campaign. Tammy’s nomination was also selected for The Excellence award. The Excellence award is given to an employee who has demonstrated all 5 principles at one time. Tammy works in Wellness within Recreation and Wellness in the division of Student Life.

University Residences Receives GLACUHO Award

Purdue University Residences was recognized recently with the “Presidents Institutional Award” by the Great Lakes Association of College and University Housing Officers (GLACUHO) for their significant contributions to the organization. This award formalizes a recognition process beyond a “thank you” from the Association. The following are remarks shared at the GLACUHO closing banquet:

This award is presented to an association member who has exemplified long-term service and commitment to GLACUHO, ACUHO-I, their institution, and within housing and residence life. They have encouraged others to engage in GLACUHO's activities and initiatives, and have been a model for inclusion.”

“In the past several years, this university has supported GLACUHO and ACUHO-I Board members, faculty for PDI, and encouraged their staff members as they served as productive members on GLACUHO committees and task forces. This institution took our theme of change to heart before we did and has been building a unique faculty involvement program on their campus. Beyond the professional realm, this institution is hosting students from across the nation for NACURH 2017. I would like to thank the staff at Purdue University for their dedication to GLACUHO.”

Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University Releases Video

Thank you to our generous donors. We are one Purdue! Click to watch the video!

Moriguchi family pays homage by contributing to the Dauch Scholarship Challenge

The Dauch Scholarship Challenge is a one-to-one matching gift to donors who fund a scholarship endowment for non-Indiana undergraduate students, or students in one of Purdue’s professional programs. The Moriguchi’s gift supports Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University and specifically the Purdue Parent and Family campaign. Purdue Parent and Family Connections is a department in the Office of the Dean of Students within the Division of Student Life. More about the Moriguchi family, their reason for giving, their relationship to the Dauchs and Purdue Bands and Orchestras can be read here.

Congratulations to Heather Beasley, ACUI Region VI Gretchen Laatsch Outstanding Service Award Recipient

Heather serves as the Director of Student Involvement & the Krach Leadership Center within the Division of Student Life. To learn more about the award, please visit the ACUI website.

Jackie Perkins

Congratulations to Jackie Perkins - Fall 2016 SLISU Award Winner!

Congratulations to Jackie Perkins – Fall 2016 SLISU award winner for all of the competencies within the SLISU vision. Jackie was recently involved in a high level project for the VPSL office. During the execution of this project Jackie demonstrated Unity and Inclusion by participating as a member of the team to generate the finished product. Jackie has also worked with a larger campus group on a training project for Purdue supervisors on Purdue West Lafayette campus. This course provided the opportunity for new supervisors to build their campus network (Inclusion & Unity). The intended ripple effect from this training will benefit our students by creating mentors to model their future employment opportunities and expectations. (Student Learning & Leadership Development). Jackie’s effort in Stewardship is more understated yet present in the work that she completes. She takes meticulous notes for any revisions in an effort to maximize output, minimizing interruptions and delays. She has assisted in creating Qualtrics surveys in an effort to gain information in the most straightforward manner. Jackie has been recognized professionally by her peers for numerous awards, some of which she shares with student staff.  It is such a unique opportunity that she has to mentor and work with students to develop future job skills that easily translate to resumes and portfolios. (Student Learning & Leadership Development). Jackie works in Student Life Marketing in the Division of Student Life.

Melanie Moehring

Congratulations to Melanie Moehring - Fall 2016 SLISU Award Winner!

Congratulations to Melanie Moehring – Fall 2016 SLISU award winner for Unity. Melanie is patient and understanding and treats each student she works with respect, educates them and embraces diversity. She offers an open door policy for students and drops everything she is doing when they need assistance. She maintains a positive attitude and is willing to assist other staff by listening to what they need and helping to find a solution. She also serves on the University Kronos Advisory team, assisting with testing the new upgrades to ensure the changes go smoothly. She provides guidance, leadership, and pursues a standard of excellence. Melanie works in Recreation and Wellness within the Division of Student Life.

Purdue featured on Big Ten Network for Swipe Out Starvation program

Many Purdue students are participating in a program that turns their un-used meal swipe credits into a way to help the hungry. Purdue Dining & Catering, the dining department within Student Life, has partnered their On-the-GO! operations with student groups to create Swipe Out Starvation (SOS). Proceeds go to aid a Rwanda-based, fair-trade coffee company as well as local Food Finders food bank. SOS’s goal is to improve over their 2015-16 total of $23,337.50. To read more about the program, please visit:

President Mitch Daniels Launches Purdue Parent and Family Fundraising Campaign

President Daniels announced a $30 million parent and family-focused fundraising campaign during a tailgating event for the Purdue-Nevada game. Purdue Parent and Family Connections is a department within the office of the Dean of Students, in the Division of Student Life. To read more about the announcement, please visit the Purdue Today article or click here to watch the announcement.

Honors College and Residences Dedication

Purdue dedicates Honors academic residential college

Purdue University on Friday (Sept. 9, 2016) dedicated the $90 million Honors College and Residences, the first of its kind in Indiana and among the nation's most advanced academic residential colleges. To read more about the dedication, please click here.

Amanda Elmore - Olympic Gold Medal Recipient

Olympic gold medal rower Elmore returns to Purdue

The Purdue Crew team hosted a reception for Olympic gold medal rower and Purdue alumna Amanda Elmore on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016 at the Purdue Boathouse. To read more about her visit, please click here.

Liz Ehrlich

Congratulations to Liz Ehrlich and Stephanie Packer

Congratulations to Liz Ehrlich (pictured above) and Stephanie Packer (pictured below) on their SLISU awards. Liz, donor relations and recruitment coordinator, Purdue Musical Organizations, takes the extra time to work with staff and students to enhance work place and student experiences. Her colleagues admire her selflessness and positive attitude. Thank you, Liz for your commitment to the Student Life Vision. 

Stephanie Packer

Stephanie Packer, retail dining associate VII, encourages students in dining to better themselves for their futures and helps students become better version of themselves. In her position, she has created a learning environment that promotes leadership. The Student Life Vision is carried out through Stephanie’s actions. 

Michael Beach - SLISU Winner 2016

Congratulations to Michael Beach - First Administrative Winner of the SLISU Award

Michael is the Boiler Television Manager within University Residences. Michael taught a communication course in video production, is a Faculty Fellow for University Residences, engages with students through his work for BTV, promotes the Student Life Vision with his work creating videos to promote University Residences and created web-based training videos for staff to save time and resources. Michael was nominated for STUDENT

Carmen Williams - 2016 SLISU Winner

Congratulations to Carmen Williams from Rec Sports - First Clerical Winner of the SLISU Award

Carmen is the Wellness Suite Secretary in the Division of Recreational Sports. She creates a positive culture of teamwork and collaboration, takes extra time to mentor students and celebrates milestones for her area as well as works well with campus partners. Carmen is always welcoming and accommodating and treats everyone with dignity and respect. Carmen was nominated for UNITY. To learn more about the Student Life Vision, please visit our Vision page.

Barb Frazee - Executive Director of University Residences

Congratulations to Executive Director Barb Frazee - Recipient of the Helen B. Schleman Gold Medallion Mortar Board Award

The Schleman Gold Medallion Award is presented annually to a faculty member or administrator for her/his contributions in areas related to the career of Dean Schleman. Selection is based upon the nominee's contribution and concern for women students, encouragement of women in academic and professional areas, leadership and service within and outside the university, scholarship and character.

Purdue Bands & Orchestra Wind Ensemble Plays Carnegie Hall

The Wind Ensemble, Purdue Bands & Orchestras premiere wind band, took the stage at New York City’s famed Carnegie Hall on March 29th, 2016 as part of the Sounds of Spring International Music Festival, sponsored by World Projects. Over 65 Purdue students made the trip, just ten years after Director of Bands, Jay Gephart, took his first performing group to Carnegie Hall. Students left Purdue the evening of March 26 and traveled throughout the night to arrive in Manhattan the morning of March 27, 2016. A dinner cruise and sightseeing were included as part of the student tour. Included on the program were guest conductor Ray E. Cramer, Director of Bands Emeritus from Indiana University, and euphonium soloist Dr. Gail Robertson, Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at the University of Central Arkansas. A highlight of the concert was a world premiere performance of Firing on All Cylinders, written specifically for the Carnegie Hall concert by Purdue Bands faculty member, Professor Matt Conaway. 

URSC Grand Opening in Cary Quad

University Residences Support Center Grand Opening

The URSC in Cary Quadrangle held it's Grand Opening on March 23, 2016 featuring remarks from Dr. Beth McCuskey. It features a collaborative lounge with floor to ceiling dry erase boards, ITAP supported computer lab with PCs and Macs and study materials available for students to checkout. The Cary Quad location is the second URSC in University Residences with the first located in Shreve Hall. For more information about the URSC, please visit the URSC webpage.

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