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Jenna Engelberth

Jenna Engelberth

Hometown: Fishers, IN
Major: Elementary Education
Graduation: May 2014
Campus Activities: Purduettes, Barbara Cook Chapter of Mortar Board, College Mentors for Kids, Purdue Habitat for Humanity

What is your favorite thing about Purdue?

I love all of the opportunities that Purdue offers to you as a student, leader, and future employee in the work force. Purdue surrounds you with amazing people from all over the world who all want to learn and discover their path for life. People are inspiring here, and it pushes you to do your best as well.

What was your favorite class?

Last year I took EDCI 250 which focuses on the fundamentals of teaching and in-school interactions. Through this class I was able to observe a local middle school and through this process I was able to solidify my dream for becoming a teacher. Now I am taking a class called PES 114 that is an Exercise to Music class. Through this class we do fun group exercises three times a week, and it is a great change from the normal student life.

What are your favorite things about your program of study?

I love how Purdue's education program sends us out to local schools so early in our college career. Through this early involvement in local schools we are able to see if this is truly the job that we want to do and get real experience for our future teaching jobs. I also like how the program is small, but still developed and we become really close as a class.

What is your career goal?

I would love to become a teacher for students grades 3-6. I love the middle school aged students and the unique challenges that they present. Teaching has always been my passion, and Purdue is a great stepping stone to make that dream happen. It would also be amazing to work in Disney World someday too!

What would you tell prospective students about Purdue?

GET INVOLVED! Purdue offers so many opportunities for you outside of the classroom. You will meet some of your greatest friends through activities and organizations you get involved in. Purdue attracts amazing students to their campus, so take time to branch out and get to know your fellow classmates!

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned or seen as a tour guide at Purdue?

I did not realize that so many of our programs are in the top 25 in the nation! Purdue is known for its engineering, but to see so many other majors prosper so greatly shows just how rounded and diverse Purdue and its students are.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

My favorite spot on campus would have to be either the Clapping Circle, Mackey Arena, or The Pump. The Clapping Circle because it is so much fun to hear the squeak when you clap in the center of the area while you are walking to class. Mackey Arena because I love Purdue Basketball, and it is amazing to see so many students and alumni wearing black and gold. Finally, The Pump because it is an old tradition at Purdue that symbolizes love and friendship, and I am such a sap for a cute love story.

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