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November 10, 2004

Soybean rust confirmed in the United States

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported today (Wednesday, Nov. 10) that soybean rust was confirmed on leaf samples in Louisiana. This is the first instance of soybean rust in the United States.

The disease Phakopsora pachyrhizi, commonly known as soybean rust, has decimated fields on the Asian and African continents and in South America. The disease is spread when rust spores become airborne and travel by wind from one soybean field to another. The effect on this year's crop should be minimal, experts say, due to the fact that most soybeans have been harvested. Soybean rust can be managed using fungicides. More information on soybean rust is available.

The following Purdue University experts can discuss the potential impact of soybean rust in this country:

Gregory E. Shaner

Professor, botany and plant pathology

(765) 494-4651

E-mail: shanerg@purdue.edu

Credentials: Shaner is currently studying the genetics of plant-disease resistance and exploring the effect of weather on development of epidemics with the goal of creating predictive models.


Ellsworth P. Christmas

Extension specialist in agronomy

(765) 494-6373

E-mail: echristmas@purdue.edu

Credentials: Christmas conducts field research related to production practices for soybeans, canola and wheat, as well as small grains and other specialty crops.


Shawn Conley

Soybeans and small grains Extension specialist

(765) 494-0895

E-mail: conleysp@purdue.edu

Credentials: Conley is a soybean specialist.


Ray D. Martyn

Professor of plant pathology and head of the Department of Plant Pathology

(765) 494-4615

E-mail: rmartyn@purdue.edu

Credentials: Martyn's research focuses on soilborne diseases.


Corinne Alexander

Assistant professor of agricultural economics

(765) 494-4249

E-mail: cealexan@purdue.edu

Credentials: Alexander is an Extension specialist in the area of grain marketing.


Christopher A. Hurt

Professor and Extension specialist in agricultural economics

(765) 494-4273

E-mail: hurtc@purdue.edu

Credentials: Hurt has expertise in agricultural marketing, farm economic outlooks and evaluating government programs.



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