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Aging and Health Experts November 1995

Animals and the Elderly

Alan M. Beck

Dorothy N. McAllister Professor of Animal
Director, Center for Applied Ethology and Human-
Animal Interaction
(765) 494-0854

- Studies the relationship between people and their companion animals, particularly the elderly. Expert on how people and animals interact.

Lawrence T. Glickman

Professor, epidemiology and public health
(765) 494-6301

- Studying pet ownership's effect on the elderly's emotional and physical well-being. Creating a model to project survival rates of pet owners who have had heart attacks. Chaired a national committee on animal sentinels, to see how pet animals can serve to detect environmental health hazards to people.

Cancer and Depression

Karen Altergott

Associate professor, family studies
(765) 494-7859

- Organized and documented a seven-nation study of daily life in old age. Researched the influence of social relationships in averting depression among elderly cancer patients.

Clifford H. Swensen Jr.

Professor, clinical psychology
(765) 494-6977

- Researches problems in long-term marriages and the impact of cancer on spouse and family. Teaches a class in clinical gerontological psychology.

Drugs and the Elderly

Charles H. Brown

Associate professor, clinical pharmacy
(765) 494-1380

- Expert on pharmacy services for older patients both at community pharmacies and in nursing homes.

Peg Krach

Associate professor, nursing
(765) 494-4026

- Studied prescription drug use and misuse and abuse of alcohol by the elderly. Looked at the situation of working adults who are primary caregivers for the elderly. Special interest in health needs/functionality of people over age 85.

Roger P. Maickel

Professor, pharmacology and toxicology
Director, Laboratory Animal Program
(765) 494-1406/494-9145

- Expert in drug composition, use and effects, particularly for geriatric patients.

Nicholas G. Popovich

Professor, pharmacy
Interim associate head, Pharmacy Practice
(765) 494-5966

- Expert on the delivery of pharmacy services to improve the health of institutionalized patients such as those in nursing homes. Studies self-care, especially the use of over-the-counter medications.

Fitness and Aging

Donald L. Corrigan

Associate professor, health, kinesiology and
leisure studies
Head, Department of Health, Kinesiology and
Leisure Studies
(765) 494-3178

- Studies physical fitness programs and their effects on aging.

Roseann M. Lyle

Associate professor, health/foods and nutrition
(765) 494-3158

- Researches ways for the aging to maintain functional ability. Also looks at psychological well-being and quality-of-life issues. Studies ways for the aging to maintain independent living.


Peg Krach

- For biography, see ''Drugs and the elderly''

R. Colleen DeTurk

Assistant professor, nursing
(765) 494-4012

- Certified gerontological specialist. Expert on Medicare and other health care delivery systems for the elderly. Studies well-elderly and elderly in the community. Appointed to governor's board for CHOICE, a program to help keep the elderly independent and living in their own homes.

Jean E. Prebis

Associate professor, psychology
Director, Gerontology Center at Purdue Calumet
(219) 989-2382

- Expert on aging and death and dying. Active in developing a community gerontology program.

Health and Behavior

Kenneth F. Ferraro

Professor, medical sociology
(765) 494-4707/494-4668

- His studies include: ''Does Religion Influence Adult Health?'' ''Assessing the Impacts of Community-based Health Care Policies and Programs for Older Adults,'' ''Are Black Older Adults Health Pessimistic?'' ''Cohort Change in Images of Older Adults'' and ''Are Older People Most Afraid of Crime?'' Has produced book chapters on ''Widowhood and Health'' and ''Health Needs and Services for Older Adults: Evaluating Policies for an Aging Society.''

Health Care

James G. Anderson

Professor, medical sociology
Director, Rural Center for Study of HIV/STD
(765) 494-4703

- Studied an experimental Medicare reimbursement effort aimed at containing Medicare costs. Has expertise in health care reform and health care organization in the United States and abroad.

Health Promotion

Gerald C. Hyner

Associate professor, health education
(765) 494-3151

- Researches the effects of screening and health risk appraisal for elderly persons.

Roseann M. Lyle

- For biography, see ''Fitness and aging''

Interior Design

Victoria Willis

Associate professor, art and design
(765) 494-3058

- Expert in universal or transgenerational architecture and interior design. Research involves designing interiors for the deaf and hearing- impaired.


Dorothy M. Morré

Professor, foods and nutrition
(765) 494-8233

- Studied the amount of vitamin A required by the body at various life stages. Also studied the interaction of vitamin A and vitamin D and membrane renewal and aging.

Louise W. Peck

Assistant professor, foods and nutrition
(765) 494-8236

- Studies nutrition in relation to health and chronic disease associated with aging.


Dea K. DeWolff

Assistant professor, psychological sciences
(765) 494-9730

- Studies memory in older adults. Looks at how being experienced in a certain area influences one's ability to function in that area.

Ronald E. Johnson

Professor, educational psychology and
psychological sciences
(765) 494-7246

- Researches text processing and remembering. Recent research involves factors that affect the ability of older adults to memorize or learn material.

Mental Health

Karen Altergott

- For biography, see ''Cancer and depression''

Ruth N. Wukasch

Assistant professor, nursing
Clinical specialist psychiatric/mental health
(765) 494-4019

- Has experience in psychiatric nursing. Expert in women's health, especially issues relating to post-hysterectomy. Studying factors in sexuality as people age.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Ann H. Hunt

Associate professor, nursing
(765) 494-4023

- Expertise in prevention of osteoporosis. Also can comment on the health benefits of humor.

Connie M. Weaver

Professor, foods and nutrition
Head, Department of Foods and Nutrition
(765) 494-8237

- Researches exercise and bone mass in women and calcium metabolism in adolescent girls, important to deterring osteoporosis in later life. Has published extensively on minerals in human nutrition, especially calcium and iron.

Sexuality and Aging

Ruth M. Wukasch

- For biography, see ''Mental health''


Vicki L. Hammen

Assistant professor, audiology and speech sciences
(765) 494-1534

- Studies Parkinson's disease and its effect on speech.

Amy B. Wohlert

Assistant professor, audiology and speech sciences
(765) 494-3826

- Studies communication disorders in old age. Also researches physical changes in old age that affect speech and swallowing.

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