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May 7, 1998

Greek Judicial Board sanctions 4 fraternities

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. -- Two days after Purdue University suspended one fraternity and placed three others on probation for alcohol-related violations during Grand Prix weekend, the student-run Greek Judicial Board also has announced that it has found them responsible for the violations and imposed sanctions.

The board placed Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on social and intramural athletic probation through May 20, 1999. Chapter members also must perform an average of 20 hours of community service each during the next school year, and the chapter must donate $2,500 to the United Way by October. Acacia, Alpha Gamma Rho and Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternities have been placed on social probation until Sept. 28. The four fraternities sponsored a party at the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter house, 629 University St., on April 25.

Chapters on social or athletic probation may not sponsor or participate in social functions or intramural events, respectively, during the probationary period.

The judicial board decided that Pi Kappa Alpha violated multiple sections of the Greek alcohol policy that took effect April 1: The fraternity exceeded the 3-to-1 guest-to-resident ratio; did not have enough nondrinking members monitoring alcohol distribution and consumption at the event; and allowed the consumption of alcohol by persons under age 21.

The board found that the other three fraternities violated the section of the policy that says "no one under the legal drinking age may consume or possess alcoholic beverages at a function."

Earlier this week, the Office of the Dean of Students suspended Pi Kappa Alpha through at least May 1999, and placed the other three fraternities on probation through May 1999.

Miles Green, Interfraternity Council president, said: "These sanctions will be monitored by the Greek Judicial Board, and if chapters violate the probationary period, they may face additional sanctions which may include, but are not limited to, suspension and expulsion.

"The member chapters of the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association voted to revise the Greek alcohol policy. The IFC must initiate steps to make sure the policy is upheld, and in no way does the IFC wish to suspend, expel or publicly discredit its member chapters.

"The IFC will stand behind its member chapters, providing them with as much educational programming as possible in order to enhance the welfare of the organization. We also recognize that these chapters, as well as others on this campus, are blessed with scholars, campus and community leaders and charitable donators of time and money."

Each of the fraternities may appeal the judicial board decision or sanctions. Any appeal hearing would not be conducted until the fall semester, said Andrew Robison, assistant dean of students.

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