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       Unistrut    Purdue      
At University Stores we have added the items listed below to our storeroom as new items! We still carry the same items as we have in the past but have added these new items as an additional part by popular demand. Please make a note today and remember to order from University Stores! If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Representative Kerry Ticen at 47205 or or you can contact the storeroom directly at 494-6904!

Catalog Number Description            Issue Type                        Old or New

16-710003     Unistrut Galv, Slotted 13/16 D x 1 5/8 W Length        New

16-720010     Nut, W / Spring ¼                                      Each             New

16-720011     Nut, W / Spring 3/8                                    Each             New

16-710005     Unistrut Galv, Slotted 1 5/8 D x 1 5/8 W        Length         Old
16-710020     Unistrut Green Solid, 1 5/8 D x 1 5/8 W         Length         Old
16-710021     Unistrut Green Solid, 13/16 D x 1 5/8 W        Length         Old

16-720022     Nuts, ¼ Inch, Twirl-Nuts                                Each            Old
16-720024     Nuts, 5/16 Inch, Twirl-Nuts w/spring              Each            Old
16-720026     Nuts, 3/8 Inch, Twirl-Nuts                              Each            Old
16-720028     Nuts, ½ Inch, Twirl-Nuts, w/spring                 Each            Old
16-720030     Nuts, 5/8 Inch, with spring                              Each            Old

Thank you for your patronage!

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