2014 Advocates are available beginning August 4 to speak to your employees about United Way and the life changing work we do in partnership with 23 participating organizations and numerous partners across the community. Their presentations can fit any time-frame and audience requirements. Presentations may be scheduled seven days a week, any hour of the day. 

Please allow at least three business days for scheduling requests.

To schedule a United Way Advocate, fill out the online form or call United Way at 742-9077.

John Sullivan

John Sullivan
Professor Of Aero And Astro Engr/Dir Cam, AAE

Carla Zoltowski

Carla Zoltowski



When scheduling an Advocate speaker, please:

  • Determine the length of time you have available
  • Decide what location is available at the time
  • Schedule the meeting location and time
  • Agree on the type of presentation and arrange for audio-visual equipment if necessary
  • Indicate whether this presentation will stand by itself or will be part of a larger meeting

The day of the meeting:

  • Make sure room and any special equipment are ready and working properly
  • Meet the Advocate
  • Briefly introduce yourself and the Advocate to the audience
  • Do not leave; show interest and be an active participant - even if you have seen the presentation before
  • Thank the Advocate for his/her time and presentation
  • Have pledge cards and information available for distribution after the presentation
  • Encourage the audience to return pledge cards promptly
  • If presentation is given prior to distribution of pledge cards, please inform employees of delivery date