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SESSION 1 - 9:00 - 10:15

1 Strategic Growth: Preeminent teams in Engineering

What areas will define Purdue Engineering research in the next decade? Find out what the future may hold as the College of Engineering introduces this year's new "Preeminent Teams," whose research may change how we produce food, pharmaceuticals, computers and more. The teams are part of Purdue Moves and the college's strategic growth initiative that will add as many as 107 faculty over five years.

Preeminent Teams Leaders

2 Students First: Affordability at Purdue

This interactive session provides an overview of the steps Purdue has taken to curtail student costs. See how the cost of a Purdue education ranks in comparison to its Big Ten counterparts and hear student scholarship recipients share their presonal experiences.

Steve Beaudoin, Interim Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

SESSION 2 - 10:30-11:45

1 All Around the World: Purdue's Global Research and Partnerships

Colombia. India. Kenya. China. Name a country—Purdue is there with research and educational programs that are improving families, connecting with businesses and our alumni, and immersing our students in different cultures. Purdue's global impact is so important that President Mitch Daniels has established the Office of Corporate and Global Partnerships to identify and manage a few focused and strategic global partnerships, and set a goal to have one-third of all undergraduate students experience study abroad. Learn how Purdue is creating exciting opportunities for students and faculty.

Suresh Garimella, Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships

2 Creative Options in Leaving Your Legacy

Sometimes the "all-or-nothing" approach to a single type of life-income gift falls short of your estate plan's philanthropic goals. In this sessions, we will discuss how the astute use of two or more planned gifts in concert can help you achieve several goals at once.

Jill Anderson, Director of Development for Planned Giving

Marcus Knotts, Assistant Vice President for Planned Giving


The assassination of the heir to a shaky monarchy in a declining European country on June 28, 1914 touched off the catastrophe we now remember as World War I. At the time, people called it “The Great War” and “The War to End All Wars,” not imagining something so terrible and bestial could ever be repeated. It left a permanent mark on the psyche of Europe, and marked the end of the age of European world dominance. Recent world events have revived attention to WWI--the current crises in the Iraq, Crimea, the Ukraine, Israel and Palestine all are strongly reminiscent of, and in many ways trace directly to, the events of 1914‐1918. Our discussion will focus on some of WWI’s world-changing outcomes and the ongoing effects unfolding before us.

Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., President

SESSION 3 - 1:30 - 2:45

1 Wine a Little. You'll Feel better. Wine Appreciation the Purdue Way

It's time to find out what makes wine such a popular drink. In this mini-version of one of Purdue's most popular classes, you'll learn how fine wines are crafted adn how the professionals evaluate them. Tasting included!

Christian Butzke, Professor of Enology Purdue Wine Grape Team

2 Dark Matter: What is the Universe Made Of?

A significant percentage of the universe is made from mysterious dark matter. How do we know this? And how can we determine what dark matter really is? Learn why Purdue faculty recently dug a mile beneath Italy in search of the answers. And hear how our undergraduates are using fishing line to help catch dark matter particles.

Rafael Lang, Assistant Professor of Physics

3 Following in the Footsteps of the Greatest GEneration: Meet Members of the Newest Generation of Veterans and Their FAmilies

Why do we seem to hear so much more about PTSD now than after other wars? What is happening to recent veterans now that teh wars are over? What are higher education institutions and employers doing to help? What is Purdue doing? Come and meet recent veterans and their families and hear firsthand and from a national expert about the issues confronting them. Learn how the Military Family Research Institute is helping to change communities across the country to support veterans and their families toward success in the 21st century.

Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies
Director of the Military Family Research Institute


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