Registration Information

So how do you register for summer courses? Simple. Just follow a few easy steps:

  1. Make an appointment with your academic advisor. (Always your first step!) It's never too early to chat about summer plans.
  2. To prepare for your meeting, consider what you will be doing this summer. Are you going somewhere to work or considering an internship? Will your employer pay for an online class? Will you be studying abroad? Or will you be staying near campus to take courses?
  3. Next, decide which courses might be right for you, based on your summer plans.
  4. Then, check MyPurdue for your time stamp to register for classes on the first day of your window. If you do have any holds on your account, you'll need to get those taken care of before you can register.
  5. During your advising appointment, don't forget to get your PIN number from your academic advisor so you can register online. You should also check prerequisites for your desired courses, and as always, have a backup plan if your classes aren't available.