Academic Advisor Resource Guide

We get it — you're busy. There are a million dates and deadlines to remember, constant emails from students and loads of course information to keep track of. It's enough to make your head spin, especially during registration periods.

Our goal is to make it a little easier for you. Here's what you need to know about thinking summer sooner:

But wait. It's only October (or December or February or April). Summer is months away. Isn't one semester at a time enough to worry about?

Yes and no. Of course, your first priority is to discuss with students the immediate upcoming semester. But, you also know that it's smart for students to make a plan of study that's more than one semester in advance. What is done in the summer affects the fall and spring semesters. But then again, you already knew that, too.

That's great, but is there anything for students to do on campus in the summer? They're used to thinking of it as a break, so they won't be excited about the idea of just studying or working over the summer.

Excellent point. Building on last summer, there will be about 100 events on campus geared toward making the summer feel like any other semester on campus. Students can look forward to things like fitness classes, weekly arts and crafts projects and a summer concert series. (Bonus: most of them are FREE.)

Where do I go for more information?

Keep checking this website the closer we get to summer. We’ll keep updating the content and adding timely information, such as info about summer activities.

We’re also in the process of launching our Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to “like” them to keep up with the latest information.

Of course, you can always reach out to us by email at