Initiatives - Compensation and Benefits

Executive Sponsor: Luis Lewin, Vice President for Human Resources
Task Force Lead: Sharon Steen

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
• Changes to Defined Contribution Retirement Plan:  Reduce, Rebalance, Require -- The 3 Rs
• Hewitt Total Compensation Assessment

Additional resources:
• Hewitt Total Compensation Assessment Report
• Executive Interview with Vice President Luis Lewin on Hewitt's Total Compensation Assessment
• 2010 Annual Purdue Employee/Employer Medical Plan Contribution Chart
• PowerPoint slides and video of past forums
• Governance Report to the Board of Trustees, Faculty/Staff Compensation and Benefits, July 2009

Current projects:
• Total Compensation Review - Hewitt Study and Executive Interview with Luis Lewin, vice president for human resources, now available online
• Recurring Savings Options 
• Non-Recurring Savings Options 

Key milestones: 
• Purdue Board of Trustees adopted changes to Purdue's defined contribution retirement plan on April 9. 
• Purdue administration will report results of compensation assessments and present implementation
  plans for Sustaining New Synergies initiatives to the Board, May 27-28.   

To provide feedback, use one of these resources:
• Feedback Web site for Compensation and Benefits Initiative
• E-mail a Sustaining New Synergies Steering Committee member