November 20, 2009

Dear Purdue colleagues,

The current economic climate is unsettling for all of us. Fortunately for the Purdue family, our challenges have not been as severe as those facing many other public universities.

Yet we do face significant financial challenges. Although our elected officials have done what they can to support higher education, state revenues are down, and predictions are that it will be years before they rebound.

Thus far we've weathered the downturn with short-term adjustments, such as across-the-board budget cuts, curtailed hiring and travel, and withholding of pay increases. Now we must look for long-term sustainable solutions.

Because this will affect all of us, today we announced the formation of a steering committee to begin charting our course. The committee will be led by Al Diaz, executive vice president for business and finance, treasurer, and Randy Woodson, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost. The group will include representatives of all Purdue groups - students, faculty and staff. They will lay groundwork for a plan to meet the university's strategic mission and goals while operating with fewer state dollars.

All aspects of university operations will be considered, including academic programs; total compensation packages for faculty and staff; and administrative structures, systems and processes.

I have asked that the committee's efforts be as transparent and inclusive as possible. One of the first steps will be to provide a Web site where everyone can offer input at http://www.purdue.edu/sustaining. There you also will find updates as well as valuable links.
Purdue will emerge efficient, streamlined and stronger for our efforts. We will continue to ensure the world-class value of a Purdue education.

Thank you for helping us serve as good stewards of this great university.



France A. Córdova