Sustainability Program Staffing

Office of University Sustainability

Ongoing development and enhancement of the Purdue Office of University Sustainability will serve as a key component of the campus community’s work to realize sustainability goals. The Director of Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship serves the entire campus community and is the primary university staff member responsible for sustainability information and coordination at the present time. The Director of Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship is a member of the Physical Facilities organization and reports to the Senior Director of Energy, Engineering and Sustainability. The Director of Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship also serves as the convening member of the Sustainability Council Steering Committee (SCSC).

Housing and Food Services

Additionally, the Housing and Food Services operation has employed a departmental sustainability leader who also serves as the organization’s Assistant Director of Grounds and Sustainability. The Assistant Director of Grounds and Sustainability frequently collaborates with the Director of Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship to implement sustainable practices and initiatives.

Additional Campus Staffing

Although these two positions are formally recognized as contributing to the advancement of sustainability campus-wide, a number of additional faculty and staff members throughout the Purdue community engage in professional activities that either directly or indirectly support sustainability initiatives. Due to the fact that sustainability has been prioritized as a prominent strategy throughout the New Synergies Strategic Plan and serves as one of the three overarching goals of the Physical Facilities Strategic Plan, individuals and departments throughout the campus community are actively addressing this topic.

Developing and implementing sustainability initiatives, providing education and outreach to the entire campus community, and compiling the campus’s sustainability performance data are just a few of the vital sustainability activities that are currently addressed with limited resources and personnel. In addition to its present sustainability efforts, the university has articulated a number of goals in this plan that the community would like to achieve. As the university begins to formulate an implementation plan for the goals contained within this plan, additional review of current staffing levels and resources available to support sustainability should be conducted. By fully assessing the timelines, level of oversight, and financial resources associated with each of the identified Sustainability Strategic Plan goals, an appropriate plan for the future expansion of the Purdue University Sustainability Department maybe created. This approach will enable Purdue to take a more strategic, integrated and deliberate approach to creating a sustainable campus.

Strategic Plan