Capturing Resilience

The bridge from recovery to prosperity

October 21-22, Purdue will hold the Capturing Resilience summit, aimed at finding regional solutions to some of our largest national problems, such as economic instability, threats to national security, and environmental degradation. These issues are interconnected and must be addressed at the regional level.

Specifically, we will focus on the cornerstones of our region — how we grow our food, manufacture our products, and build our communities — so that we don’t just prevent failure, but can recover readily from it. Capturing Resilience will be the foundational opening to discussions within the Kentucky-Indiana region. See the schedule below for more details.

Students across all disciplines are encouraged to attend, as effective regional resiliency planning requires many academic backgrounds. Purdue encourages attendees to participate in initiatives and discussions that improve the resilience of our society, our infrastructure, and the environment we depend upon. Attendance is free and open to the public. Abstracts are currently open for submission.

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General schedule

October 21

Day One is a showcase of resiliency-related research and work within Purdue’s campus and the community. Events include:

  • A five-minute thesis competition
  • Interdisciplinary panel sessions
  • A networking event
  • Keynote speaker address by Bob Berkibile, a founding member of the US Green Building Council who has spent the last 30 years designing buildings and communities with resiliency in mind.

October 22

Day Two will involve workshops designed to generate strategy on smart growth, regenerative agriculture, and resource productivity.

These workshops will be led by Col. Puck Mykleby, a former strategist for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and currently a senior fellow at the New America Foundation — an NGO based out of Washington D.C. that is spearheading the national resiliency plan.