Solar in Indiana

Indiana's Ranking

As a state that runs most of our energy off of coal, how does Indiana do otherwise when it comes to creating energy from solar? With the average cost of electricity in Indiana being below the national average, solar power generation is gaining momentum very slowly. The low cost of electricity does not mean that Indiana doesn't need solar power however.

Those who install solar panels may be eligible for the NIPSCO Feed-in Tariff Program that will pay users for the amount of electricity generated from their solar panels. Through this, you can be generating $.15/kWh and $.17/kWh for your solar instillation (the average cost of electricity in Indiana is $.11/kWh). Overall, Indiana earned a B on our Solar Report Card. Find out more information about solar in Indiana here: Lets Go Solar.

See what the Indiana Office of Energy Development has to say about solar energy!

Will Solar Work For You?

In order to find out if solar will work for you, all it takes is 5 simple steps:

1: Educate yourself

2: Evaluate your home energy use

3: Know your financing options

4: Learn about your state

5: Choose a contractor

Click here to go through each of these steps interactively! Courtesy of Lets Go Solar.

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