Recyclable Gloves in Chemistry Department

Purdue Chemistry Department Adopts the RightCycle Program

Purdue’s Chemistry Department is going green and making large strides towards sustainable waste management practices. Starting the Fall 2014 Semester all labs in Brown, Wetherill, and the Drug Discovery Building will stock Kimberly Clark purple, lavender, and silver gloves that are 100% recyclable. Purdue University uses approximately 360,000 disposable gloves a year across campus. Which equates to 3.5 tons of gloves discarded each year. The Chemistry Department’s leadership in converting to recyclable gloves is expected to make a huge contribution towards reducing 3.5 tons of solid waste. Suzy Gustafson, a Manager for the Chemistry Procurement Center and Store, states, “Chemistry is the first department to start this on campus but if we get everyone on board we can divert that whole figure [of 3.5 ton] from the landfill.”

Not only are the gloves environmentally friendly due to their ability to be recycled, but they are manufactured in a process in which absolutely zero waste goes to a landfill and are distributed in packages with 20% less waste then the current glove brand.

Congratulations to the Chemistry Department for making steps to lead the way towards a more sustainable campus.

rightcycle infograpic

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