Summer Rains Beauty on Purdue's Horticultural Gardens

Summer rains beauty on Purdue's Horticulture Gardens

Within Purdue’s Horticulture Gardens on Marsteller Street are some 1,200 species of plants with names that are just as much fun to say as they are to look at. There are plants named spike speedwell, foxglove, candy lily and sneezewort, to mention a few.

“We are a little bit different than a regular botanical garden,” said Mary Lou Hayden, horticulture collections manager since 1991. “A lot of regular botanical gardens have pretty vistas and views, and design the beds so they are more ornamentally attractive.”

But this garden is a classroom, too.

“Our mission is to have a sample of every plant we can get. We want to have everything in here that is on the plant list for horticulture professor Mike Dana’s herbaceous plants class,” said Hayden. “And right now, that list is at 650 species.”

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