Spotlight Organization: Purdue Student Government

When it comes to sustainability, Purdue Student Government has two goals: collaboration with other organizations, and demonstrating how the student body can do simple things to be more sustainable (and potentially reap other benefits as well)!

PSG’s flagship sustainability initiative is Greeks Get Green, an energy-saving competition which began in 2012. This year, Purdue Student Government and United States Green Building Council Student Group collaborated to organize Greeks Get Green. Houses were encouraged to turn off the lights, unplug devices, and conserve the energy they must use. To measure these energy savings, each house had to submit readings from their electric meter twice a week.

This year’s Greeks Get Green included several additional events to make the competition even more exciting. Individuals who sent a “sustainable selfie” to @GreeksGetGreen received a free t-shirt. Pictures ranged from turning off the lights to using a reusable water bottle. A sheet sign contest was also held.

For PSG, the most exciting outcome of the competition was seeing how Greek organizations embraced the competition and incorporated sustainability into their houses and their daily routines. 

This upcoming academic year, look out for PSG spreading the sustainability message to the entire student body! If you have an idea for a sustainable initiative or want to collaborate with PSG on a sustainable initiative, swing by the PSG office in the new CSEL building or contact Allison at