Spotlight Organization: Electric Vehicle Club

Electric Vehicle Club

Electric Vehicle Club was founded in  2011 by a group of ambitious engineering and physics students who all shared one common interest: electric vehicle technology. The two years prior to the clubs existence, these students headed the creation of Purdue's Electric Vehicle Grand Prix (or evGrand Prix). This annual race attracted student teams from all over the world to build and race electric go-karts for the purpose of advancing electric vehicles and electric vehicle education.

Using their experience with evGrand Prix, these students started EVC with the goal of promoting collaboration between EV-fanatics and supporting each other with personal projects in electric conversions. Members of this club completed projects involving three motorcycle conversions, one porsche conversion, multiple bicycle conversions, a few longboard conversions, and of course many go-kart creations all using batteries, motors, and controllers.  

After three years of existence, this club is credited with an undefeated track record of five wins in evGrand Prix and one win in Purdue's traditional gas Grand Prix. It's founding members have moved on to start their own companies in electric go-kart racing ( and electric longboards, join Tesla Motors working on their Roadster and Model S, and even work in South Africa on energy reliability and sustainability. 

In the coming semesters, Electric Vehicle Club will shift focus towards educating students that are interested in electric vehicles and supplying the expertise and knowledge to assist various student groups that are working on electric vehicle projects.  The club's goal will be to educate and support the engineers of tomorrow in EV technology to assist the world's transition to electric transportation.