Spotlight Organization: Environmental Science Club


Purdue’s Environmental Science Club (ESC) is dedicated to education and awareness of current environmental issues, and to university and community involvement. The club is a community where students from all majors can come together to educate themselves, educate others, and make a difference in the Purdue community.

To educate and promote awareness of environmental issues, the club invites speakers from all backgrounds at Purdue as well as company representatives to speak about their respective fields and how they are relevant to environmental issues now and looking forward. ESC also takes educational trips to locations such as the Purdue Wade Power Plant, the West Lafayette Treatment Plant, and Fowler Ridge Wind farm, as well as team building trips to parks for camping and hiking. ESC is also involved in volunteering for the Wabash River Sampling Blitz and Spring Fest.

In Fall 2014, ESC will partner up with Purdue’s Engineers for a Sustainable World club to continue a reusable bag sharing project that an honors sustainability course established in the Spring 2014 semester. The goal of this bag sharing project, or “Totes Green,” is to reduce the amount of plastic bags used on campus.Totes Green will initially consist of bag sharing stations in the Residence Halls, Boiler Marts and On-the-Go locations, with the eventual objective to expand stations to the local bookstores.

A major aspect of this Totes Green initiative is that the bags that are used will all be made from unwanted old and gently used t-shirts donated by students, clubs and local businesses. After a t-shirt donation, student volunteers make the bags, and then the bags are washed and ready to use!

For more information on the Environmental Science Club email:, or visit its Facebook page.