CityBus Partnership

Community Energy

Purdue University has contracted with CityBus, or the Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation, for Purdue students, faculty, and staff to enjoy unlimited, free access to bus services throughout Lafayette-West Lafayette. The win-win partnership provides the Purdue community with a transportation alternative to private vehicles, which helps reduce congestion, control carbon emissions, and lessen campus parking needs.

Purdue negotiates the value of the agreement each year funds it from the university's general budget. Purdue riders can ride free by simply showing their Purdue photo identification. As of 2011, the total number of Purdue riders on Citybus was 3,497,900, which constituted 67% of CityBus’ overall passengers.

CityBus has also been utilizing hybrid buses, renewable wind energy to power its facilities, motion sensitive lighting, and dusk activated lighting as part of its sustainability initiative. The company is a frequent exhibitor at the Alternative Transportation Expo, organized annually as part of Purdue University’s Green Week celebrations in October. Expo visitors can interact directly with representatives from Citybus on its ongoing renewable energy and green transportation efforts.