Wade Utility Plant Upgrade


By utilizing cogeneration, Purdue’s Wade Utility Plant operates in a manner that maximizes efficiency. The Wade Utility Plant meets 100% of the West Lafayette campus’s demand for heat by producing and distributing steam, while also co-generating approximately 50% of the electricity the campus uses each year and enough chilled water to cool the majority of campus. This co-generated electricity represents significant cost avoidance and a reduced environmental footprint, as it does not have to be purchased from the grid. Wade’s co-generation process utilizes the same steam that is produced to heat buildings to also produce electricity and drive chillers. Consequently, cogeneration allows Wade to operate more efficiently than a standard plant that only generates electricity.

Moreover, several upgrades are presently underway at the Wade Utility Plant that will further reduce the university’s dependence on coal and help it switch to natural gas.

More details on the operations of the Wade Utility Plant