Friday Night Lights


Friday Night Lights is a volunteer program created to reduce energy waste from lights being left on over the weekend across campus. Volunteers spend an hour going from room to room in the larger and potentially more impactful buildings on campus including. In their first season beginning in October of 2013, Friday Night Lights engaged 242 volunteers over 8 weeks and turned off 15,320 light bulbs. For the 2014 Spring Semester, 296 volunteers turned off 23,473 light bulbs over 15 weeks to make a total of 38,793 lights that were kept from unnecessarily wasting energy for the entire weekend.

Friday Night Lights is a great program that reduces energy waste, saves Purdue University money, and engages the community in working toward sustainability. 

View the full report for the 2013-2014 season

View of the back entrance of The Purdue Memorial Union on Purdue University's Campus at night