2014  Reminders for Spring/Summer         

Register for and attend Summer Transition, Advising and Registration (STAR)

Register by clicking on the “STAR Registration” link on your myPurdue New Student tab and selecting a date. Instructions on how to register can be found at http://www.purdue.edu/studentsuccess/orientation/star/registering.html. This is a mandatory advising and registration day held June 16 – July 11.   Remember that to maintain eligibility for your scholarship you must have 30 or more credits completed by end of summer 2015, so sign up for at least 15 credits fall and spring semesters.  You must pass these for them to be considered “completed.”

Register and Attend Boiler Gold Rush (BGR)

All new students are expected to participate in a Purdue new student orientation experience. BGR is an orientation program that takes place from August 17-24, 2014.  Register for BGR on your myPurdue New Student tab.  This program costs $320, but waivers are available, but you have to apply for one.  Purdue’s goal is to make sure that all students can attend BGR regardless of their financial situation.  So, please take this opportunity! For more information about Boiler Gold Rush visit www.purdue.edu/bgr

Send a short email to studentsuccess@purdue.edu saying that you are interested in applying for a BGR Fee Waiver. Be sure to include your full name and Purdue ID number.  Shortly after you send that email, you will receive a message in return (sent to your Purdue account). Open the link in that message, complete the online fee waiver application and submit. The application simply asks you to explain the financial situation that would make a fee waiver welcome.

Sign a Housing Contract (if you plan living on campus for the 2014-15 academic year)

Access the housing contract site: http://www.housing.purdue.edu/Housing/Contracting/Undergraduate.html. As you are selecting your housing and meal plan, be sure to verify that your selections are less than or equal to Purdue’s standard cost of attendance for housing and food (noted on your Financial tab in myPurdue). Visit your residence hall during STAR.  Be aware of the different costs for halls and meal packages!

Check eStudent and your myPurdue Financial Tab

Continue to check eStudent (http://www.in.gov/sfa/2438.htm) and your myPurdue Financial Tab for updates and accuracy. Make sure Purdue is listed as your first choice school in eStudent. Get used to checking your Purdue email regularly.

Job on Campus

If you are granted Federal Work Study (you will see it on your award notification), you can start looking for a job on Purdue’s Division of Financial Aid (DFA) website: https://www.purdue.edu/webdb/JobPosting/JobSearch.cfm.  Know that the amount listed is not given to you up front; it is the total amount you MAY earn throughout the academic year by finding a job and earning paychecks.

Complete the ALEKS Math Placement Exam

This math placement exam MUST be completed at least one week before you attend STAR and can be accessed through your New Student tab in the myPurdue portal beginning June 1, 2014. More information on ALEKS can be found at: http://www.math.purdue.edu/academic/undergrad/placement.

Attend the Purdue 21st Century Scholars Orientation

August 23, 2014 at 11:00 AM in Lilly 1105.  Bring your class schedule, pen and paper.  If you miss this, please come to CSEL 4th floor to get your packet of information.

Text Books

Save money for books. You may not receive cash from financial aid for this or may not get it on time.  Shop around—prices do vary.  You can try University Bookstore, Folletts, Amazon or www.cheaptextbooks.com online.

Confirm Enrollment

After you register and before classes start, go to your myPurdue Financial Tab.  Click on “Confirm your Enrollment for the Coming Semester” to avoid having your courses cancelled.

21st Century Scholars Club

Join and get involved in Purdue's special club for you! Meet other Scholars, meet your mentor, serve the community, and have fun!

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Keep Your Scholarship!

Achieving satisfactory academic performance in college is a legislated requirement for students to maintain their scholarship eligibility under the 21st Century Scholars program.

Those starting college in 2013 and thereafter must have 30 completed credit hours before they start their sophomore year, 60 before junior year and 90 before senior year.

You MUST keep your pledge in college as well!

You and your parents/legal guardians must maintain Indiana residency during the time you are using your scholarship

You have 8 years to use your 21st Century Scholarship, but if you stop out, you MUST continue to file your FAFSA on time (March 10 for filing and May 15 for edits)

Call our office at (765) 494-9328 if you have any questions.  We are here to support you!  Have a great year!